Media Technology in Everyday Life: A Struggle and a Comfort

Media technologies can be a struggle for many. Two guest editors of a recent Nordicom Review special issue, Stine Liv Johansen and Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke, pinpoint that it is almost possible to opt out, but people can decide the extension and role that technologies play in their everyday lives.

Peer-Reviewed Perspectives into Nordic Media Research: The Danish Encyclopedia

The Danish researcher community can brag about a media and communication encyclopedia in their own language, consisting of over 600 entries altogether. We met the editors to discuss how to keep up with a rapidly changing research field.

Who Are the People Behind the Algorithms?

Jakob Svensson, Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Malmö University, is the author of a book just published by Nordicom. The title of the book is Wizards of the Web: An Outsider’s Journey into Tech Culture, Programming, and Mathemagics. Johannes Bjerling, editor at Nordicom, discusses the book with its author.

Find Relevant Calls for Papers with NordMedia Network

NordMedia Network works continuously to make the community aware of conferences and webinars, vacant positions and open calls for articles,…

Find and Announce Vacant Positions with NordMedia Network

NordMedia Network offers a wide array of inspiration, information and interaction for media and communication researchers. Amongst the useful features is the section called “Vacant Positions”.

NordMedia 2021 Photo Contest Winner Awarded With a Trip to Iceland

Doctoral student Randa Romanova was the lucky winner of the NordMedia 2021 Conference photo contest. Take a look at all photos from the virtual photo contest here!

Next NordMedia Conference to be Held in Bergen

The virtual NordMedia Conference 2021 is now officially closed. The outcome: 411 delegates, 250 presentations, 198 sessions, and 264 hours of live content. The next NordMedia Conference will be organized in 2023 in Bergen, Norway.

An Academy for All: A Mentorship Initiative for Early-Career Researchers

The national Swedish researchers’ association FSMK is launching a mentorship initiative for early-career researchers who identify as women. According to the initiators – five professors – the programme is a response to needs identified in research on unequal career paths.

Upcoming Conferences

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RIPE@2021 – Public Service Media’s Contribution to Society

Vad händer med det öppna samtalet i en alltmer polariserad värld?

Television Histories in Development

Sixth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

The 22nd Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

Calls for Papers

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Hate Speech in Communication: Research and Proposals

Broadcasting in (De)colonial Settings

Communication in Global Crises: Critical Discourses on Consumption, Culture, Power, and Resistance

The Audiovisual Thinking Process in Contemporary Essay Films

Vacant Positions

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PhD-stilling i tverrfaglig prosjekt på klima og medier (In Norwegian)

PhD Candidate in Big Data and AI

Postdoc in Communication Systems Linköping

Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Universitetslektor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap (In Swedish)

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