Media Literacy Webinar Series Continues in Spring 2022

The international media literacy webinar series at NordMedia Network will be continued with one more series in Spring 2022, focusing on media literacy approaches in countries beyond Europe; India, South America, the Arabic region, and Japan.

Why are We Acting Against the Pandemic, but Not Against the Climate Crisis?

In the MUCS project researchers from Norway and Denmark aim to analyze how people face crises on a daily basis with an abundance of information in various media channels. We had a chat with the PI.

More Than 700 Registered Experts

The media expert database now lists more than 700 experts in fields within media and communication studies. Since the NordMedia21 Conference in August, the database has received almost one new expert every work-day.

New Resource: Nordic Media Study Programmes in a Database

NordMedia Network presents a new resource: a database of educational programs. We have collected Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs offered in the field of media, journalism and communication studies.

Strengthen Our Community by Contributing News and Announcements

The NordMedia Network team works continuously to develop the website and fill it with relevant content for the Nordic media and communications research community, but in NordMedia Network, your input has special value for your peers.

This Is the NordMedia Network Expert Database

A searchable and freely accessible database of Nordic media researchers intends to make the expertise of media scholars available. Besides for the academy itself, the database is for journalists, media professionals, policy-makers, teachers and students. See here how it works in practice.

Monitoring, Profiling and Searching for Contacts: Scholars on Social Networking Sites

Our newest webinar dealt with a question that is of constant concern for media researchers, too: how to use social media as a scholar in an effective and impactful way. The half-day drop-in webinar was first of its kind, and we are eager to develop this format further.

NordMedia 2023 in Sight: The Planning Has Started

With NordMedia 2021 completed and summarised, the NordMedia planning committee has now started the preparations for the 2023 conference in Bergen. The conference website has been launched here on NordMedia Network.

Calls for Papers

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Call for papers: 4.0 Interface

Changes in Communication in, from, and about Higher Education Institutions

Media Breakdown and Recovery

Mis/Disinformation in/on Canada

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Have you discovered something in your research that would be interesting to share with other researchers? Are you reflecting upon something that has to do with academic discourses, methods, career paths, or the everyday of the scholarly life? Use NordMedia Network as a surface and tool for elaborating your thoughts! We welcome all contributions – not only scholarly essays in the news feed but also recommendations for upcoming events and ideas for new journalistically oriented articles. Contact us!
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Share Your Insights with the Nordic Media Research Community
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NordMedia Network is a digital platform devoted to the research community that for the past four decades has grown out of the NordMedia Conference. We hope it will serve as a source for inspiration, information and interaction for those interested in media and communication research in or about the Nordic region. By bringing our community closer together, the platform will also make the expertise of Nordic media scholars more accessible in larger society. NordMedia Network is powered by Nordicom and funded with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Join us by creating your profile today!
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