A (Love) Letter to Hackademics

Dear you who are working at the university as an “adjunct lecturer”, “lecturer” or “university teacher”: this is a letter for you. NordMedia Network wants to thank you for the hard work you’ve been doing in teaching, as it is widely known that you seldom receive letters of admiration at the end of the academic year.

NordMedia2021 is Open for Registration

The registration for the NordMedia2021 conference has now been re-opened, after being temporarily closed due to technical issues with the payment process. Registration will be open until 16 August 2021.

How and Why Google Gives You Such a Hard Time

While accepting Google’s terms itself is uncomplicated (just click “I agree”), understanding what one accepts is trickier. Bjarki Valtýsson, author of a recently published Nordicom Review article, talks about Google’s terms post-GDPR.

Academic Summer Readings in Scandinavian Languages

Can you read media research in Scandinavian languages? This is for you – we plunged into some recent literature from the academic publishers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Long-term Audience Work: Promoting the Research Published

A researcher’s work does not stop where the work gets published. Today’s scholars are increasingly expected to initiate and be involved in post-publication processes aiming at increased impact. We wanted to share some hints on how to do it wisely.

Students Among the Most Avid Readers of Open Access Journal Articles

A new article written by Finnish and Swedish researchers inquired into the readership of Finnish open access journals. Especially older materials in national languages are an important resource to students.

Correspondent on the Campus: More In-Depth Journalism on Science?

A Finnish newspaper placed a news correspondent at the campus. Does this imply quality science journalism and more in-depth coverage on research, or more promotion for the university? Is this a new innovation that more newspapers should follow?

The NordMedia2021 Registration Re-opens on 1 June

Due to technical issues with the registration process, the opening of the NordMedia2021 registration has been delayed until 1 June. The early bird period has been extended to 28 June.

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