Academic Book Review Community

Welcome to the Academic Book Review Community! We are an online community for you who are currently writing a book review for an academic journal, coordinated by NordMedia Network. We want to support you in finding the best practices and giving you feedback along the way!

Academic Book Review Community in Short

What: an online-based learning network for academics writing a book review in English for an international journal in the Nordic-Baltic region

Why: to support academics in writing book reviews and getting familiar with the requirements of the genre, to raise academics’ interest in the genre, to ensure more extensive high-quality supply of academic book reviews for the Nordic-Baltic journals, to support academic book review editors’ work at scientific journals and to support doctoral training programs to include the review genre in their educational content

How: an online discussion group, combined with occasional virtual sessions, with a structured outline and schedules for writing and collection of existing online resources

Who: run and hosted by NordMedia Network at Nordicom, in cooperation with relevant academic media and communication research journals in the Nordic-Baltic region

Recorded Discussions

Launching the Academic Book Review Community

Welcome to our new community at NordMedia Network! Maarit Jaakkola and Kristin Clay present the idea of NordMedia Network’s new initiative, Academic Book Review Community.

Discussion with Two Nordic Book Review Editors

What is a good book review? Why should academics write reviews of books? Book review editors Ivar John Erdal from Norsk medietidskrift (Norway) and Jonatan Leer from MedieKultur (Denmark) discuss the possibilities and challenges of the book review genre.

Discussion with an Editor at John Benjamins

What is the role and importance of book reviews for book publishers? Anke de Looper, Acquisition Editor at John Benjamins Publishing Company, talks about the value of book reviews, followed by a Q & A. The webinar was held on 15 April 2021.

Authors’ Experiences

Researchers Matteo Stocchetti (Finland), Gunhild Ring Olsen (Norway) and Kelechi Amakoh (Denmark/Netherlands) share their experiences from writing book reviews. The discussion was recorded on 6th May 2021.

Recently Published

A Guidebook for Writing Book Reviews

We have recently published an author’s guide for writing book reviews titled “Joining the Scholarly Conversation The Basics of Writing an Academic Book Review”. This online guidebook deals with writing academic book reviews and will help you gain the basics of book reviewing for academic journals.
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A Guidebook for Writing Book Reviews

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More Material Will Follow!

We are currently developing the Academic Book Review Community and will develop it into a full online resource during the Spring term 2021.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the activities, please contact the community managers:

Maarit is the editor-in-chief of the NordMedia Network platform and responsible for the Academic Book Review Support Community. She is also a book reviews editor for the journal Nordicom Review.

Kristin a community manager in the Academic Book Review Support Community. As an editor and copywriter, she proofreads all Nordicom’s publications and takes care of the English-language editing.