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European Symposium of the History of Audio Drama 2024

The goal of this symposium is to inspire discussion between scholars and producers of radio dramas to have an overview of these national pathways, and to gain insight into the new national and international rediscovery of the genre.

The Age of the AI-mage: Conference on Visual Communication for Young Researchers

This event is intended as a venue for the exchange of ideas of
Young Researchers (primarily, but not limited to MA students, PhD
students, Postdocs). No registration fee!

DNDIPVAC 2024 - Changing Discourses in collaboration with the Discourse-Pragmatic Variation Network & Change and DiscourseNet

The aim of the conference on changing discourses and discourse-pragmatic variation is to explore the ways in which language use shifts and evolves over time.

10th International ESPRit Conference (Budapest, 2022)

Periodicals beyond Hierarchies: Challenging Geopolitical and Social “Centres” and “Peripheries” through the Press.

World Conference on Social Sciences

The conference is seeking submissions related to the following conference topics: Society and Sociology, Communication, Politics, Law, Humanities and Culture Studies...