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ECC2024: Introducing Pre-conferences

Before this year’s 10th ECREA European Communication Conference hosted in Ljubljana from 24-27 September 2024 eight different pre-conferences will take...

ECREA Audiences 2024 pre-conference

Young people and news: Breaking boundaries across Europe.

10th European Communication Conference (ECC) 

The organizers call for proposals that contribute to reconsidering communication and social (dis)order from various perspectives represented by ECREA Sections, Networks, and Temporary Working Groups.

The 2nd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication

Every two years, the Biennial Conference on Food and Communication brings together scholars that work on the intersection of food and communication.

2020 Food & Communication Conference Discourses on the Future of Food

Not surprisingly, food has been an important focus of research across the humanities and social sciences, from history to sociology,...

Visual Cultures & Communication: Images and Practices on the Move

This conference, discusses the roles of images for visual analysis by focusing on images on the move. This entails work...