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The Evolution of Market Strategies - Media, Corporations, Institutions

The Management College of Kozminski University and the Institute of International Studies of the University of Wrocław, in cooperation with...

EJTA teacher conference 2021: Data Journalism

Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference 2021 – will take place online for a period of three weeks from May 18 to June 3.

Covid-19 och de nordiska nyhetsmedierna

Välkommen att ta del av de centrala slutsatserna i den nya rapporten "Covid-19 och de nordiska nyhetsmedierna" under ett livestreamat webbinarium med presentationer och diskussion.

Göteborgs mediehistoria

En livesänd samtalskväll av Svensk Mediehistorisk Förening och Publicistklubbens västra krets

The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021

The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021 will be launched in a webinar, presenting findings on how leading news media in 18 mature democracies are performing with regard to democratic core values.

Megatrends and Media 2021

The goal of the conference is to present and exchange the current knowledge and experience reflecting media and trends connected to them nowadays.

World Press Freedom Day 2021 International Conference

UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day (3 May) provides an opportunity to remind governments of their commitments towards protecting press freedom. The theme for this year’s WPFD is “Information as a Public Good”.

Comparing Gender and Media
Equality Across the Globe

This webinar focuses on the (lack of)
achievements for women in the media, and how to move

Religious Identity and the Media

The conference focuses on the manifold relationships between creating, negotiating, maintaining and challenging religious and religion-related identities, and various types of media and forms of media use.

2021 Biennial Food & Communication Conference

The conference will take place in-person if traveling is possible, with some remote/online coverage. If traveling is not possible for some participants due to health concerns related to COVID-19, we will make it possible for those individuals to participate remotely (online).

Preserving the integrity of media newsrooms in the age of AI

How can the values of a field such as journalism be represented in AI applications? Do we expect AI applications in traditionally purpose-driven fields such as journalism to behave differently than such from new market entrants?

Gratistidningskriget – när storstäderna dränktes i gratistidningar

Hur tänkte de tre stora tidningskoncernerna när de satsade hundratals miljoner på nya papperstidningar i den digitala åldern? Och fanns det några vinnare i detta tidningskrig – förutom pappersindustrin?

Death Online Research Symposium #5, 2021

DORS#5 will be hosted by the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2021.

IAMCR webinar: Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion

IAMCR is pleased to launch its Webinar Series, with a very timely debate on “Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion”.

Vad är journalistik?

Nordiska samarbetskommittén samarrangerar ett webbinarium tillsammans med journalistiklärare på Södertörns högskola i Sverige.


Gender and Media Matters is an International conference in line with the activities of the GeMMA Research Unit and of the PhD Programme in Communication, Social Research and Marketing (Department of Communication and Social Research, Sapienza University of Rome).

Nordic Media Days

NMD goes digital in 2021

Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)

CMC2021 is the 8th edition of an annual conference series dedicated to the development, analysis, and processing of corpora of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and social media for research in the humanities.

Setting the Stage: the First Annual Conference of a Platform Governance Research Network

A three-day online conference in late March 2021 seeking to bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers who produce work on platform governance across a variety of methods and fields.

Public Service Media in Challenging Times: Connectivity, Climate and Corona

In this talk, Prof. Graham Murdock will analyse public service media in the challenging times we live in.