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Media Trends in the Nordics: Key Insights from the 2023 Swedish and Norwegian Media Barometers

The Media Barometers are surveys designed to measure daily media usage. The Swedish Media Barometer has been conducted annually since 1979, and its Norwegian counterpart since 1991. We have gathered crucial findings from the 2023 reports for your review.

The International Journalism Festival 2024 through a Nordic Lens 

Each year, the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, brings together thousands of journalists, media developers, students, and media scholars from all corners of the world. Curious about highlights of this year’s festival, we turned to Nordic researchers.

Meet the Duo Who Will Co-chair the NordMedia25 Conference

The next NordMedia Conference will be hosted at the Southern University of Denmark in Odense from August 13th to 15th, 2025. We are thrilled to share that the event will be co-chaired by Susana Tosca and Lene Heiselberg.

Researching Media Non-Use: Takeaways from Inverting the Perspective

As digital media continues to proliferate, there is also a growing focus on its opposite: media non-use, also commonly referred to as digital disconnection. Victoria Kratel writes, “While my PhD project specifically focuses on the possible influence of gender when navigating online and offline life, embarking on this project has also led me to some broader, surprising realizations.”

Fredrik Bjerknes Hails as the First Person in Norway to Attain a PhD in Investigative Journalism

In April, Fredrik Bjerknes successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Bergen, and earned his Ph.D. in investigative journalism. His research represents a pioneering effort in Norway, examining the distinction between Investigative Journalism and other forms of journalism. We sat down with Fredrik to discuss his dissertation and academic journey.

Runaway Scandinavia? Studying the Departures and Arrivals of Screen Production

In recent years, increasing production incentives and evolving global filmmaking trends have intensified the issue of runaway production, especially in Scandinavia. Anders Grønlunds’ postdoctoral project delves into how incentives affect Scandinavian screen industries and the historical context of runaway production, examining their impact on on-screen content and off-screen factors in Scandinavian filmmaking.

A New Guidebook in the Series: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Academic Writing and Publishing

How to deal with artificial intelligence (AI) in writing, editing and publishing of academic papers? The new guidebook in the series NordMedia Network Open Educational Resources deals with the author’s relationship to emerging technologies.

Fake News or Misinformation? The Messy Conceptual Landscape of Journalistic Terminology 

“Fake news”, “Junk news”, and “Misinformation” – there are a lot of concepts out there for journalists to use to describe similar phenomena. But do they really mean the same thing, and what are the implications of prioritising one over another? Johan Farkas has been studying how Danish journalists use and define these terms in the contemporary media landscape.


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