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Infiltration of Big Tech: New Book Exposes Global Players Emerging as Central Communication Gatekeepers in the Nordics

Nordicom’s latest publication, authored by Signe Sophus Lai and Sofie Flensburg, sheds light on the clash between traditional Nordic welfare models and the pervasive influence of global tech titans.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

Back in 1982, the English band The Clash, delved into the complexities of a tumultuous relationship, pondering the question: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”. Fast forward to today, and similar quandary echoes in the minds of researchers as they navigate their increasingly intricate relationship with X, formerly known as Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence: A Reading List 

As the festive season approaches, we have compiled a list of books on the topic that captures everyone’s attention – Artificial Intelligence.

Authors of a New Anthology: “We Need to Understand How the Media Industry Stays Relevant to Young Viewers” 

In a rapidly changing media landscape, young audiences’ experiences and preferences are more diverse than ever. Editors Pia Majbritt Jensen and Eva Novrup Redvall discuss their new anthology, “Audiovisual Content for Children and Adolescents in Scandinavia: Production, Distribution, and Reception in a Multiplatform Era,” exploring the challenges in media consumption by young audiences.

Nordicom Review Calls for Academic Book Reviewers

Whether you are a junior scholar looking for opportunities to further your writing experience, or a seasoned scholar looking to share your expertise, writing a book review can be a valuable exercise. Nordicom Review is looking for book reviewers for the upcoming issue, and beyond.

”I Have Heard of Incidents Researchers Have Faced, Which Should Never Have Happened”

Researchers are expected to communicate scientific findings and actively engage in public discourse. Addressing the public, however, can be a quite daunting task, especially for younger academics. Drawing from more than two decades of experience, Stine Liv Johansen, from Aarhus University, reflects on the challenges and opportunities that public outreach entails.

Machines Don’t Think, They Compute 

“It is unfortunate that serious researchers portray AI as human-like and attribute various good and bad human qualities to the systems. Machines do not think; they compute”, writes Bjørnar Tessem from the University of Bergen.

NordMedia25 Conference Welcomes You in the Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

We take great pleasure in announcing that the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense will serve as the host institution for the NordMedia conference on 13–15 August 2025. Odense is known, among other things, as the home of the literary fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen.

Vacant Positions

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Assistant or Associate Professor, Sound in Art and Media

Associate Professor in Media Textual Analysis

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dekan ved Avdeling for mediefag

Førsteamanuensis i Kommunikasjon


Two Doctoral Research Fellowships

Tenure Track Assistant Professorship in Rhetoric


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