The Encyclopedia of Animation Studies – Volume 4 – Characters and Aesthetics

A brief new year reminder of the below Call for Chapters, which has a deadline fast approaching (January 31st). Any queries about potential submissions, or if you just want to float an idea, do not hesitate to get in touch with either David or myself.

My colleague Dr. David McGowan (University of the Arts London) and I are looking for additional submissions to complete the line-up for a co-edited volume on Characters and Aesthetics inanimationfor/The Encyclopedia ofAnimationStudies/, a newly launched series that will provide a comprehensive collection of original writing that balances critical intervention and comprehensive scope, and give readers insight into current thinking in the field while also challenging and expanding key ideas inanimationstudies.

The multi-volume series will be published by Bloomsbury, and the Editors-in-chief Dr Eric Herhuth (Tulane University) and Dr Annabelle Honess Roe (University of Surrey) have put together the following four volumes as part of the series:

  • Vol 1: Geographies and Histories/(eds. Malcolm Cook, Natália Pinazza, Stefanie Van de Peer & Daisy Yan Du)
  • Vol 2: Techniques, Forms & Process/(eds. Franziska Bruckner & Alla Gadassik)
  • Vol 3: Critical Approaches and Contexts/(eds. Deborah Levitt & Heather Warren-Crow)
  • Vol 4: Characters and Aesthetics/**(eds. Christopher Holliday & David McGowan*)

The aim of the fourth volume is to explore a variety of animated media through the lens of characters and aesthetics. Unlike other volumes, the chapters collected in this fourth book will each present focused case studies(on either individual characters or animated media texts)that explore how certain characters allow a critical investigation into specific topics related to identity and representation. The volume will additionally explore specific themes and qualities associated with the animated body and elements of character construction, and how such unique qualities setanimationapart from other forms of audiovisual media.

  • Cross-Dressing inAnimation
  • *Queerness / LGBTQ+ Representation
  • **Animated Characters and/in Pornography (e.g. Hentai)
  • ***Race and the Censored Eleven
  • OrientalistAnimation
  • The Animated Family*
  • Live Music and Animated Character Performance
  • Characters Across Merchandise*
  • Transmedia Characters
  • Fan Communities – Costume, Cosplay and the ‘Prosumer’
  • Posthumanist Bodies and the Cyborg
  • Cartoon Bodies and Violence*
  • Magic and Metaphor
  • Dreams and the Psychology ofAnimation*
  • Metamorphosis and ‘Trick’Animation/Effects
  • *Rhythm and Character Performance (e.g. Mickey Mousing)
  • **PoliticalAnimation, Propaganda and Caricature
  • The Counter-Cultural Animated Body (e.g. AdultAnimation)

If you’re interested in contributing a chapter for the volume under any of these headings, then please do send abstracts (max 300 words)and a short bio (150 words) to both *Dr. Christopher Holliday*((christopher.holliday /at/ <mailto:(christopher.holliday /at/>) and*Dr. David McGowan*((animatedpersonalities /at/ <mailto:(animatedpersonalities /at/>) by*Monday 31st January 2022*. Please also add in a brief note about which heading your proposal fits under so we can gauge the overall shape of the collection. Notifications of acceptance will go out soon after this deadline, with final chapters between 6000 and 7000 words likely due as a first draft around December 2022/January 2023 at the earliest (final date t.b.c.).