Ageing Masculinities in Contemporary [European and Anglophone] Screen Cultures

Screen Cultures {film, tv drama} are instrumental not only in reflecting but in constructing and reinforcing popular images and narratives of ageing. In recent years such narratives have gained special pertinence with the demographic shift to older populations across European and western nations.

Following a successful recent conference we are proceeding with an edited collection on the theme of “Silver Screens: Ageing Masculinities in Contemporary [European and Anglophone] Screen Cultures”

We have a strong line up of scholars and topics and welcome further expressions of interest. We are open to any approach but are especially interested in: constructions of Ageing Masculinities in American and Scandinavian screen cultures, auteur studies and constructions of Queer ageing.

For consideration and/or further discussion, please forward a 300-word proposal and a short bio to Dr Tony Tracy (Huston School of Film and Digital Media) and Dr Michaela Schrage-Frueh (NUI Galway) at: before April 30th.

Silver Screens form part of a wider consortium project “Gendering Age: Representations of Masculinities and Ageing in Contemporary European Literatures and Cinemas” [MascAge] at NUI Galway, Ireland funded under ERA Gender-Net + Project under the auspices of the Irish Research Council.