Call for Abstracts: 2024 ECREA Preconference on Disconnection

Date: Monday, 23rd of September 2024, 09:00 to 17:00

Venue: Faculty of Social Sciences, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, University of Ljubljana

Deadline for Abstracts: April 3rd, 2024

Updated information will follow here: Dynamis of Digital Disconnection


The pre-conference explores the nuanced dynamics of digital disconnection, with a special focus on its potential as a form of disruption and the normative constraints that shape its boundaries. In doing so, the pre-conference provides a cross-national platform to expand interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of disconnection studies through an open call for abstracts.

The concept of ‘digital disconnection,’ along with related terms such as non-use, abstention, resistance, avoidance, and detox, has gained increasing scholarly attention, resulting in the emergence of disconnection studies. Digital disconnection presents a compelling challenge to the prevailing social order characterised by constant connectivity. It serves as a powerful tool, offering individuals as well as collectives to reclaim autonomy over their time and attention. However, the ability to engage in digital disconnection is not universally accessible. Digital inequalities, rooted in disparities of access and resources, constrain the extent to which individuals can engage in practices of voluntary non-use.

While digital disconnection carries the potential for disruption, it is crucial to recognise that the very act of disconnection is becoming commodified and depoliticised. Consequently, instead of challenging the existing social order, digital disconnection may contribute to the creation of new normative frameworks, shaping society’s perception and incorporation of intentional moments of disconnectivity.


  • Cultivate vibrant scholarly discussions, enriching the spectrum of topics and perspectives within the evolving field of disconnection studies.
  • Nurture networking and career development opportunities for scholars at various career stages.
  • Spark collaboration by diversifying approaches and fostering partnerships across disciplines, media, and global regions.


10th ECREA conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia (LAST UPDATED JAN 26th, 2024) ABSTRACT SUBMISSION

The conference is based on non-anonymous abstracts of no more than 300 words.

Submit abstracts to by April 3rd, 2024. Abstracts will undergo a review process by the organising committee.

Decisions on acceptance will be communicated by April 26th, 2024.

We encourage abstracts highlighting the following dimensions of digital disconnection research:

  •  Studies that intersect with the themes of disruption, inequalities, and norms
  • Methodological approaches and empirical analyses
  • Theoretical and conceptual advances
  • Cultural, cross-cultural, and historical perspectives
  • Motivations and consequences of disconnection practices
  • Critical discussion of literature and approachesAFFILIATION WITH ECREA AND ECREA SECTIONSThe pre-conference is associated with the 10th ECREA conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is accessible to all registered participants. You do not have to participate in ECREA to join the pre-conference. There is no participation fee. The pre-conference is endorsed by the following ECREA sections: Audience and Reception Studies
    Communication History
    Digital Culture and CommunicationMedia Industries and Cultural Production