Call for abstracts: H-ermes. Journal of Communication

H-ermes n. 23 (2023). Call for papers (deadline abstracts 15th February 2023)

The next issue of “H-ermes. Journal of Communication” asks authors to reason about the multiple themes of spatiality. The essays in the issue may develop a reflection on the topic in the broadest multidisciplinary perspective, privileging original case studies, from the following areas:

  • Spatiality in the media;
  • Spatiality in the arts;
  • Theories of Spatiality;
  • Spatiality and its declinations: environment, landscape, place, territory;
  • Digital spatiality;
  • Places, nonplaces, other places, heterotopias, third place;
  • Social space;
  • Spaces of economy and political order;
  • Classic and contemporary isotopias (nature/culture, center/periphery, actual/virtual, global/local, real/fictional, embedding/disembedding);
  • Spaces of transit, movement, crossing, migration, conflict;
  • Pandemic and post-pandemic spatiality;
  • Spatial imagination;
  • Spatiality in the history of ideas.

This journal applies a double-blind peer review policy.


Authors shall send an abstract of the article (no longer than 3.000 characters) by February 15th , 2023 to (h-ermes /at/ . Full manuscript submission deadline for accepted abstracts is April 15th, 2023. Authors can also submit video-essays lasting up to 15 minutes.
No payment for the authors will be required.

The articles can be submitted in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.