Call for chapters: Handbook of Journalism and Emotions: Theory, Production, Content, and Response

Call for chapters: Handbook of Journalism and Emotions: Theory, Production, Content, and Response

We are inviting communication scholars to participate in the Handbook of Journalism and Emotions: Theory, Production, Content, and Responses. The volume is part of the Global Handbooks in Media and Communication Research series which is published by International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and Wiley Blackwell to foster publications of key reference texts that build from and are relevant to global contexts.

We welcome chapter proposals centered around the concepts, models and/or theories covered by the book (theory, production, content and responses), particularly up-to-date research reflecting on aspects such as the intersection of journalism and emotions with the concepts of transnationality, community or local. We appreciate also empirical research and cross-cultural perspectives or theoretical work which elaborates on defining frameworks or paradigms.

The proposed chapters may include but are not limited to the following topics:

-Sociological, historical, psychological, cultural, historical, feminist and professional approaches to journalism and emotions;

-Understanding the role of emotions in the conception, process and reception of journalistic pieces;

-Works reflecting both macro and micro levels for explaining different aspects of the emotional experience of journalism;

-Impact of and coping with specific emotions such as empathy and fear on journalistic work;

-Theories on emotional management, occupational stress and emotional intelligence applied to journalists; -The role of emotion in the future journalistic practices, and emotions connected to journalists’ acceptance of new technologies;

-Emotions in journalistic photographs, audio-visual material, and digital, social and legacy media;

-Impact of journalists’ emotions in different types of narratives, sources, objects of interest, and media and work combining journalists’ experience of emotion in areas such as art reporting, digital storytelling, natural disaster coverage, conflicts, scandals, hate speech, harassment, repression and artificial intelligence together with the impact of cultural variables in the experience of emotions;

-Impact of emotion on journalists´ values, wellbeing and information reports in various social contexts, time frames (i.e., during and after coverage) and circumstances (i.e., peace or war);
-Emotions as a tool or part of professional practice of journalism;
-Emotional responses to journalists’ work by diverse publics;
-Cross-cultural responses of audiences to diverse types of news and information;
-Responses of organizations to emotional harassment of journalists, and
-Structural and societal views on emotions and journalism.

We are delighted to clarify anything related to the book and the proposal. We are also very happy to discuss with you any potential ideas related to your recent work on the broad topic of the volume.

Submission guidelines

Please submit your abstract of 300-500 words by 15th December 2022 to María T. SotoSanfiel ((cnmmtss /at/ and Virpi Salojärvi ((virpi.salojarvi /at/
Final chapters will be 5000 words (including references).

Important dates

Deadline for chapter abstracts (300-500 words): 15th December 2022
Accepted participants will be notified by: 15th February 2023.
Deadline for full chapter draft submitted for review: 15th October 2023.
Review process from 15th October till 31 January.
Revised chapter submission deadline: 31 May 2024.