Call for Papers – Ukraine Day

Is your research somehow linked to Ukraine? Perhaps you are collaborating with researchers in Ukraine? If any of this applies to you, you are welcome to present your work at a multidisciplinary Ukraine Day organized by the University of Gothenburg on November 16, 2023. The Day will be arranged by the Department of Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Humanities.

Date: 16 November 2023

Location: Humanisten, Renströmsgatan 6, University of Gothenburg

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated the pressing need for research that can help to explain what is going on in the country. Firm knowledge of language, history, culture and politics are necessary constituents of a satisfactory understanding of the situation in Ukraine. For people who have been affected by the war and its countless consequences, knowledge and skills in, e.g., War medicine and Trauma care are essential. The war also leaves its mark on the environment and therefore ecological perspectives are also necessary.

In a future where peace reigns in the country, issues concerning the laws of armed conflict, reconciliation, the role of civil society, language policy and architectural reconstruction will be central.

Invited external keynote speakers

  • Per-Arne Bodin, Professor of Slavic languages and expert on Ukrainian literature, Stockholm University
  • Jakob Hedenskog, Analyst and Expert on Ukraine, Stockholm Centre for East European Studies at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs


There are two ways for you to present your research: either in the form of a brief talk (approximately 15 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A), or in the form of a poster. A special poster session will be held in the afternoon.

Please note that the time available for oral presentations is limited. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select among the contributions in order to correctly mirror the scholarly breadth of the University of Gothenburg. There are no restrictions for poster presentations.


Please enter your preliminary registration by June 22 on this address:

In your e-mail, please state your name, a preliminary title for your presentation, contact information, affiliation and whether you prefer to present your research orally or in the form of a poster.

Presentations may be held in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

You will be notified concerning your participation during the month of September. You will then be asked to register and to supply a short abstract (500 words).

Organizing Committee

Fredrik Fällman, Thomas Rosén, Magnus P. Ängsal, Department of Languages and Literatures