CfP: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD)

We are pleased to announce that the next Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines(CADAAD) conference will be organised and hosted by Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznanń The conference will take place from 10-12 July 2024. This year’s conference theme is Borders and boundaries in/across discourses. With the invasion of Ukraine, Europe has yet again seen people moving across borders in search for security and new life from yet another direction. Around the world, state borders are being fought over and people are more mobile than ever, including war, climate change, poverty, and post-COVID mobility.

However, the conference theme understands borders in a much broader way, including identity (self/other, us/them), time (past/present), politics (left/right, mainstream/extreme), and society (public/private), as well as borders within and between academic fields (quantitative/qualitative, interdisciplinarity) and those that exist between research and praxis. As with previous CADAAD conferences, we are also happy to see abstracts of discourse analytical work from any field that looks at, among others:


-Corporate and organisational communication § Culture, cultural studies, and cultural promotion § Education

-Environment and environmentalism

-Mental or physical health

-Gender & sexuality

-News and (social) media analysis

-Protest and social movements

Plenary speakers: Audrey Alejandro (London School of Economics) Zohar Kampf (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Witold Klaus (Migration Consortium) Michał Krzyżanowski (Uppsala University) Anna Marchi (University of Bologna) Viviane de Melo Resende (University of Brasília).

Presentations The conference will be in-person only and online presentations will not be possible. Papers can be individually or co-presented. Presentations should beno more than 20 minutes. Abstracts for presentations should be 300 words (including references).

Deadline for abstracts: 24th November

Extended deadline for abstracts: 15th December

Thematic panels We welcome proposals for thematic panels. Panels should include 6 individual presentations. If you are interested in organising one, please write to (cadaad2024 /at/ for an initial chat.

Deadline for completed panel proposals: 10th November

Extended deadline for panel proposals: 27th November

For details, please visit:

To submit an abstract: