Digital Technology and the Media War in Reporting the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

This edited volume aims to address the complexity of the media war taking place in Palestine/Israel (May 2021). Various international news media organisations have been covering the outbreak of the dramatic events, which started with the eviction attempts of Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah area in Jerusalem by the Israeli army and Israeli settlers. Covering the Arab-Israeli conflict remains one of the hot yet controversial issues on the international news agenda. It has generated more attention as well as complaints about media coverage than any other conflicts in other parts of the world. The region has one of the highest concentrations of journalists in the world, reflecting the intense worldwide interest in the conflict.

But how have local, regional and global media outlets been covering the on-going conflict?

To what extent have citizen journalists challenged the propaganda war?

This edited book attempts to unpack the media management of this war by the different players. It looks at the stance Israeli as well as Western media have taken in covering the conflict as compared to the Arab media?

How does the Al-Jazeera’s coverage compare with other regional and international channels?

What alternative news from both sides have social media networks been providing in covering this war? How much does the media coverage resonate into public opinion formation and, hence help influence policymakers’ actions and decisions? What should be the role of a responsible journalism vis-à-vis the conflict? What repercussions can there be freedom of speech after the bombing of Al-Jazeera’s broadcasting centre in Gaza as well as the offices of Associated Press and other local Palestinian channels.

Chapters based on original empirical studies or works based on theoretical discussions are invited regarding (and not necessarily limited to) the following areas of enquiry:

  • Arab vs Western media: are we watching the same war?
  • Media coverage as a propaganda war.
  • Digital media and the competing media narratives.
  • Mediating the conflict: cross-countries comparisons
  • Reporting the war by the Israeli media.
  • Al-Jazeera’s news reporting the target again in the midst the war.
  • Israeli media management and the international public opinion?
  • Palestinian and Arab diaspora and the mediation of the conflict?
  • Social media wars and the mediatisation of the conflict.
  • Resistance/citizen journalism and the Palestinian narrative.
  • Media coverage and policy-making: What implications?
  • Social media and social activism in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Deadlines for submission:

  • Abstracts of about 300 words, author’s bio (100 words) and full institutional contact details (Full address and e-mail): by 30th May 2021.
  • Accepted abstracts notification: 15th June 2021.

Authors whose abstracts get accepted will be provided with the full details of publishing guidelines and full chapter submission.

  • Full papers: by 15th December 2021.
  • Expected publication of the edited book: 2022


Initial abstracts and full manuscripts to be considered for publication should be submitted via e-mail to Noureddine Miladi (Editor) on: