Dilemmas of Diversity in a Mediatized Society

Edited by Margunn Serigstad Dahle, Solvieg Omland and Hilde Kristin Dahlstrøm, NLA University College.

The role of the media in a rapidly changing, mediatized and democratic society is of crucial interest and importance. As editors of an upcoming interdisciplinary open-access anthology, we invite contributors to address issues of unity and diversity, continuity and transition, complementary and conflicting values. Both conceptual and empirical contributions are of interest. The aim is to explore significant contemporary issues to increase knowledge, initiate critical reflection, and enable dialogue about how the media mirrors and shapes society. In the list below, we have suggested several central themes to explore. However, you are welcome to suggest your article idea, which will be considered if it is in line with the intention of the anthology.

Indicative themes are:
• What does diversity look like? When is diversity discomfortable? Which values are at stake? How does media in its many forms sustain and contribute to diversity? How do diversity and social change influence the core values of journalism?
• Legal, political and economic regulations of cultural and religious traditions – practices and principles
• Information in a mediatized society: information overload, freedom of speech, who holds the power of definition, agenda-setting, discourse, echo chamber, fundamentalism, fake news, political correctness, cancel/woke culture
• How is the notion of truth perceived and communicated in today’s society? How are conflicting truth claims handled in contemporary public discourse and fictional stories? What is the role of persuasion, debate, and mutual critique in society?
• Youth, identity and the media: identity formation, social media, gaming, community, fragmentation, mental health, pluralism, tolerance and worldviews.
• Human rights in conflict: freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of expression in today’s society
• How do various worldview communities react to – and engage with – issues of unity and diversity, continuity and transition, and complementary and conflicting values?

The anthology emerges out of the interdisciplinary dialogue between the departments of Journalism Studies, Intercultural Studies, and Theology, Religion, and Philosophy at the Kristiansand Gimlekollen Campus of the NLA University College. However, contributions from all academic fields are equally welcome!

Articles can be written in a Scandinavian language or English.

Please submit a title and abstract (max. 500 words excl. references) by March 1st, 2022 to margunn.serigstad.dahle@nla.no. Submission of full paper: December 1st , 2022.

For questions regarding the call, please get in touch.