Disinformation and Treatment of Democratic Memory in Social Networks

“Disinformation and Treatment of Democratic Memory in Social Networks”, in Mediterranean Journal of Communication (SCOPUS 2021 & Q1 FECyt) coordinated by Dr. Carlos López-Olano (Universitat de València, España), Dr. Sebastián Sánchez (Universitat de València, España) and Dr. Mauricio Dimant (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) It will be published in 2022 july (V13N2). Endline of reception of articles: February 1st 2022.

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Post-truth, misinformation, hoaxes, fake news. These are concepts that have reached the communication landscape to stay, accompanied over time by the rise of parties linked to the extreme right, experienced universally. The media agenda of these new political options protected in democratic societies is limited to a few but very controversial issues, which seek to achieve an objective of emotional mobilization of the electorate. Among them, the democratic memory stands out, referring in Spain to the institutional crimes committed during the Franco dictatorship. But beyond Spain, in many other countries with a past of totalitarian regimes, memory is also acquiring a leading role in the media arena, centralized in dissemination through social networks.

This monograph aims to promote critical reflection and debate on the use of memory as a subject included in the agenda of these far-right parties. Some of the research questions that we raise in this Call for Papers are:

  • Treatment and dissemination of information on personalities and historical processes.
  • Treatment and dissemination of information on the recovery of memory activities such as the opening of graves of shot.
  • Treatment and dissemination of information on the measures aimed at obtaining moral reparation for the various past crimes of totalitarian regimes.
  • Comparative or transnational studies on memory treatment.

This issue seeks to address the matter from different communicative perspectives, so political, philosophical, cultural and from historical experiences in different latitudes, with the aim of discussing and reflecting on communication and politics, especially from the construction of a historical memory, its value facing uncertainty, building trust and understanding the future.