Dossier Traditional Peoples and Communities for Revista de ComunicaçãoDialógica

In a political year full of challenges for Brazil, in an attempt to rescue other possibilities of living in community, we invite you to think about our reality from a dialogic perspective with those who daily fight for other possible ways of life. We are talking about the Traditional Peoples and Communities of Brazil, whose knowledge and ways of life are protected by law, but who face different types of violence in their daily lives. There are currently 28 groups that teach us to think about the diversity of our country based on a relationship of respect with their territories. Despite this Brazilian starting point, we know that part of these communities are also present in other countries such as gypsies, indigenous peoples, artisanal fishermen, among others, expanding the discussion beyond institutional borders in order to know the relationships of these communities in other social and political contexts.

Thus, in this edition of Revista de Comunicação Dialógica we are preparing a dossier with works in the field of communication referring to these groups, whether in Brazil or abroad, in addition to productions from other areas of knowledge that have the perspective of dialogic communication as a basis. Works related to the following communities and traditional peoples can be sent: Andirobeiras, Evergreen Pickers, Caatingueiros, Caiçaras, Castanheiras, Mangaba Pickers, Gypsies, Cipozeiros, Extractivists, Faxinalenses, Fundo and Fecho de Pasto, Geraizeiros, Ilhéus, Indigenous, Lighters, Morroquians, Pantaneiros, Artisanal Fishermen, Piaçaveiros, Pomeranians, Terreiro Peoples, Babaçu Coconut Breakers, Quilombolas, Retirers, Ribeirinhos, Rubber tappers, Vazanteiros and Veredeiros. Editors: Gabriela Marques Gonçalves (associate editor) and Marcelo Ernandez Macedo.

The submission deadline is August 15th.

See for submissions. No APC will be required.