Empathy and Prosocial Outcomes in Communication and Media Technologies

The editorial team of Review of Communication Research invites submissions of literature reviews and meta-analyses that explore the role of communication and media technologies in fostering empathy and prosocial outcomes.

Media technologies such as computer games, multi-user environments, virtual and augmented realities have been studied as tools to promote positive outcomes by building empathy towards others and increasing prosocial attitudes and behaviours. We welcome papers that include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Perspective-taking and empathy
  • Influence of communication technologies on prosocial outcomes
  • Effects of media technologies on attitudes towards outgroups
  • Empathy and communication and media technologies
  • Telepresence and prosocial behaviour
  • Underlying processes of media influence on prosocial outcomes
  • Mediating factors between technology and empathy

The manuscript submission deadline is July 15th, 2021.

Authors should submit their manuscripts through the RCR editorial management system: www.rcommunicationr.org.

Paper proposals, questions, and comments should be addressed to Benjamin Li (benjyli@ntu.edu.sg) cc to editor@rcommunicationr.org.

About RCR:

Review of Communication Research publishes comprehensive and authoritative reviews of the current state of the main topics and the most significant developments in the field of Communication. These comprehensive critical reviews summarize the latest advances in the field, but also root out errors and will provoke intellectual discussions among scholars. The journal seeks both evaluative (theoretical) and quantitative (meta-analyses) papers that make a state of the art of issues in scientific communication. Integrative review articles that connect different areas of research are of special interest. RCR implements a continuous publication model, where articles are being published as each individual article completes production.