Media and Publics 2022 – call for abstracts

The conference Media and Publics 2022 invites theoretical, empirical and methodological contributions that engage with these issues. We invite papers broadly addressing the following questions: 

  • How are mediated publics forming and transforming in current media environments? 
  • How are publics imagined, constructed, cultivated and segmented by legacy media, alternative media and datafied civic practices in the digital age? 
  • How are processes of datafication and platformization affecting the formation of publics and the development of counter-publics? 
  • How does media in its many forms sustain and contribute to public connection? 
  • How do processes of digitalisation and datafication transform audience practices in various mediated publics? 
  • How do these processes impact and bring about new forms of civic engagement and political participation, from connective action to dark participation to data activism? 
  • What do these transformations look like across countries and continents, media systems, media organizations, platforms, beats, and/or different audiences, movements and publics?  
  • How can we understand the current transformations and the role of the different media as cultivating publics in a historic perspective? 
  • How can we methodologically investigate publics in transformation?  
  • How can we – given these current developments – theorize concepts of publics and citizens’ mediated practices in its different forms? 

For questions regarding the call, please contact Associate Professor Jannie Møller Hartley .

Deadline for abstract submission of 500 words 15th of November 2021. 

Notification 10th of January 2022.

See more about the conference (deadline for registration: 15 March 2022) and the call for paper abstracts (deadline: 15 November 2021).