Science in a Time of Crisis: Communication, Engagement and the Lived Experience of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Guest editors: Dara M. Wold (Iowa State University), Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna) & Anabela Carvalho (University of Minho).

Special Research Topic of the journal Frontiers in Communication, Science and Environmental Communication Section

We seek original research that can enhance our understanding of the social dimensions of COVID-19 by examining how communication relates to attitudes, practices and values that the pandemic has placed in harsh relief. In brief, we are particularly interested in exploring how publics are responding to social distancing and other protective measures; how trust, responsibility, uncertainty, accountability and democracy relate to each other during this pandemic; how messaging about the pandemic differs among and between countries, regions, organizations and key actors. We are also interested in theoretical and normative inquiries into science communication itself such as how engagement practices are shifting during COVID-19, how political considerations or presumptions about individuals and social collectives have shaped science communication and how inclusive and context-sensitive communication is being imagined and enacted.

We encourage multiple article types, including, but not limited to: original research, hypothesis and theory, review, perspective, opinion, conceptual analysis, community case study and policy & practice review.

Full manuscripts are due December 26, 2020.

Due to the importance and urgency of the topic, publication charges will be 100% waived for all papers submitted to this collection by the manuscript deadline.

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