The Problems of Media, Culture and Society in Africa and Asia

Editor: Ben-Collins Ndinojuo (University of Port Harcourt).

The Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies is accepting and processing full papers for its Special Issue dedicated to the problems of media, culture and society in Africa and Asia. Scholars are invited to submit research papers – welcoming both theoretical/conceptual work as well as empirical analyses – on a variety of aspects. This thematic issue of Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies will present fresh discussions on the current situation and challenges encountered in media studies, culture and society in the everchanging landscape in Africa and Asia as well as reflections on how democratic developments have impacted the society in both continents in order to identify and explore a range of important questions regarding its significance for the changing nature of media, culture and society in the digital age.

Contributions are expected to critically analyze current theoretical developments in communication, culture and society; reexamine and enlarge epistemology of the subjects under review; to assess media perspectives about the global South; theoretical and epistemological approaches for comparative research across both continents; provide discourse on the relevance of theories and models across different societies and media systems; and explore efforts and discussions on the theoretical cross-pollination within different continental and regional media.

Aim & Scope: This Special Issue aims to bring together pioneering, groundbreaking contributions from media and communication studies and related disciplines such as sociology, psychology and political science.

Possible topics to be examined in this Special Issue may include:

  • The core questions that need to be addressed in the current globalized and digital ecosystem with regard to media, culture and society in Africa and Asia
  • How media and cultural conceptual frameworks communicate and address changing institutional, professional, and audience cultures and practices across the two continents
  • Theories and concepts that explain the gap between normative theories and professional practices across different media systems, cultures and societies in both continents
  • Concepts and theories needed to understand changes in media institutions in global and digital times across cultures and societies in Africa and Asia
  • The impact of journalism, citizen journalism, and user-generated content in journalism and media studies in established news organisations across both continents
  • Reporting crises across societies in Africa and Asia
  • Dealing with the online journalism and “fake news” spreading through social media, challenges and solutions
  • The social media reporter; how social media impacts the culture and practice of journalism in Africa and Asia

The call invites high-quality conceptual and theoretical papers that address the topics under consideration. Manuscripts must be submitted by May 31, 2020, via Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies online submission system. Authors must indicate that they wish to have their manuscript considered for the Special Issue. Accepted articles are expected to be published on the Galactica Media’s online platform in the end of July 2020.

Those interested in submitting a paper can raise preliminary questions with the Editor: Ben-Collins Ndinojuo of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria (

Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2020