Women in Public Relations: academic and professional views

We wish to announce the Call for Papers for Issue No 24 of the International Journal of Public Relations (Revista Internacional de Relaciones Públicas). The forthcoming issue is about “Women in Public Relations: academic and professional views”, this new issue is coordinated by Isabel Ruiz-Mora (University of Malaga, Spain) and Ana Almansa-Martínez (University of Malaga, Spain).

At present there are many works being developed in the field of gender studies, contextualised by the different feminist waves, but there is still a need for studies that delve into the situation of women in the field of public relations in a specific way. With this issue we seek to reflect on the situation of women (academics and professionals) in our discipline. Public relations, despite having a consolidated scientific trajectory, still lacks an in-depth study that visualises the situation of women who, through their work, contribute to its development and strengthening. Several studies have been carried out in the professional field, but there are still few that study the role of women in universities and academia in general, and in short, they are insufficient. In this monograph we encourage the academic community to explore this issue and submit proposals that visualise the situation of women working in public relations in their countries, universities and professional sectors, among others.

The deadline for papers is November 6, 2022. Proposals (articles and book reviews) should be submitted via the journal’s application system with the following link: http://revistarelacionespublicas.uma.es/index.php/revrrpp/user/register http://revistarelacionespublicas.uma.es/index.php/revrrpp/user/register. Papers can be submitted in any of the following languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Texts written entirely in Spanish, French or Portuguese should include an/extended abstract/ in English between 500 and 700 words, paper length is 6000 words (including references). *No payment from the authors will be required. *

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