Call For Editor – Mobile Media & Communication

Call for Editor – Mobile Media & Communication Expressions of Interest Welcome

Mobile Media & Communication is a peer-reviewed forum for international, interdisciplinary academic research on the dynamic field of mobile media and communication. Mobile Media & Communication draws on a wide and continually renewed range of disciplines, engaging broadly in the concept of mobile communication.

The journal embraces both quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of mobile communication while applying state-of-the-art methods and theory. The center of gravity for the journal is in social sciences and humanities.

The journal publishes three times a year in print and online at

The engagement will be a total of four years. The editorial team of Veronika Karnowski, Rich Ling and Adriana de Souza e Silva are looking for applicants to join Adriana de Souza e Silva when Veronika Karnowski and Rich Ling step down in February 2025. Adriana will serve as Senior Editor while one new applicant will work as Editor, eventually transitioning to Senior Editor when Adriana steps down in February 2027, at which point there will be a call for another Editor. We envision the journal having one Senior Editor and one Editor who will rotate on a two-year basis.


  • Assuming lead on the strategic development of the Journal with a particular focus on maintainingand improving quality and impact;
  • Managing the receipt and peer review of submissions (via an online submission system), liaisingwith authors, and responsibility for the selection and revision of articles;
  • Communicating with authors, reviewers, and guest editors
  • Making the final decisions regarding the publishability of manuscripts;
  • Managing and developing the editorial board;
  • Taking an active role in soliciting submissions and encouraging articles of compelling academic research.

Responsibilities of the Editor and the Senior Editor include:


  • Maintaining regular contact with Sage and ensuring the delivery of copy according to agreedproduction schedules;
  • Communication/support with the book review and software review editors;
  • Hand-over and logistical management of the final manuscripts vis-a-vis the SAGE productionteam;
  • Help in preparing and conducting annual editorial board meetings;
  • Scheduling and leading bi-monthly editorial team meetings.

The journal receives approximately 15-20 manuscripts per month.
The new editorial positions will begin in February 2025. An editorial honorarium is offered.

Sage invites expressions of interest by 6th September 2024. Those interested in making an application should send a 2-page CV, supported by a 1-page letter that outlines their experience and ability to perform the role. Expressions should specifically address the applicants’ aims and vision for the Journal over the term of editorship and demonstrate the ability to commission high-quality peer-reviewed content.

All inquiries and expressions of interest should be directed via email in the first instance to:

Chantal Slaney

Senior Publishing Editor