Call for Visiting Research Fellows 2024/25

*Call for Visiting Research Fellows 2024/25– Department for Media and Communication Studies Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

*Deadline 31 January 2024

The Department for Media and Communication Studies at Södertörn University offers a thriving and multidisciplinary research environment with a particular focus on contemporary datafied and media-saturated societies from a critical-cultural and often historical perspective. The research at the department shares a particular focus on the Baltic and East European region. The department is based at the School of Culture and Education and is a member of the Postgraduate School for Critical Cultural Theory.

Current research projects conducted by faculty members at the department include among others:

* Anticipating and mediating future classrooms (PI: Michael Forsman)

* A Sea of Data: Mediated temporalities of the Baltic Sea (PI: Lars Lundgren)

* Media trust and social imaginaries (PI: Fredrik Stiernstedt) * Photographic Realism in the Age of Digital Media (PI: Patrik Åker)

* Post-migrant voices in the Baltic Sea region (Sweden, Germany, Estonia) (PI: Jessica Gustafsson)

* Social Media Surveillance and Experiences of Authoritarianism (PI: Göran Bolin)

* The Digital Welfare State (PI: Anne Kaun)

* Vernacular fiction and digital publication platforms: An ethnography of contemporary Indian book worlds (PI: Per Ståhlberg)

* What is news? (PI: Sofia Johansson)

We are happy to offer several visiting research fellow positions for the academic year 2024/25. The fellows – holding a PhD – will each receive a one-time scholarship of *35.000 SEK* contributing to travel and accommodation. The fellows can choose the length and timing of their stay during the academic year 2024/25 but should stay at least one month. Fellows are expected to present their current work during one higher seminar at the department. Södertörn University has a number of guest research apartments close to campus and we are happy to put fellows in touch with the housing unit at the university. However, we are not able to assist further in finding housing in Stockholm.