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Organizing a Successful Conference: Convention Bureaus and Professional Organizers Can Help

Organizing conferences is becoming increasingly professionalized. Academics can benefit from professional conference organizers and convention bureaus in their region.

Doctoral Student Seeking Enriching PhD Courses? Check Out Our Updated Feed!

Are you a doctoral student seeking enriching PhD courses? Explore our recently updated PhD courses catalogue, and discover the Nordic academic opportunities for you.

New Study Explores Generative AI's Impact on Organisational Communication

A recent study led by Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke at the Roskilde University, Denmark, sheds light on the influence of generative AI on organizational communication.

NordMedia23 Conference Summarised: A Recap from Norway

Taking place in Bergen from August 16 to 18, the NordMedia23 conference ermerged as the grandest event in the 50-year history of the NordMedia conference series, boasting the highest number of registered participants and presented research papers. Erik Knudsen, the Chair of the Local Committee, delivers summarizing remarks.

Never Take Yourself Too Seriously: Lesson Learned at the Doctoral Pre-Conference

"Let's not take ourselves too seriously – everything will be alright!" This was an insight from a participant of the NordMedia23 Doctoral Pre-conference. Indeed, one of the objectives of the one-day seminar was to make the PhD journey appear as more humane.

The NordMedia23 Conference in Bergen Attracted over 400 Participants

The 50th NordMedia23 Conference, which was held on 16–18 August in Bergen, Norway, attracted a record number of researchers. With 345 papers submitted and 401 participants registered, it became the most popular conference in the Nordic history ever.

NordMedia23 Conference Programme Finalised

The conference programme for the NordMedia23 conference is all set. Between the opening and final keynote, there will be paper sessions in 12 research divisions and 3 temporary working groups.

NordMedia More Popular Than Ever

NordMedia23 is extremely popular – the conference will have more physical attendees than any other NordMedia conference it the series’ fifty year history. The conference in Bergen offers plenty of opportunities for networking.

Future Shock! What Should Media Scholars Do?

The upcoming NordMedia23 Conference offers an exhibition called “Future Fest”. Here, you can test thought-provoking media prototypes and rate your conviction that media scholars can make a difference.

Vilde Schanke Sundet Confirmed as a Keynote Speaker at NordMedia23

The second keynote speaker at the NordMedia23 Conference in August will be Vilde Schanke Sundet. Sundet is an Associate professor in media and communication at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet).

New Citations Record for Nordicom Review

Nordicom Review has increased its CiteScore to a new record. For the first time ever, the journal now ranks among the top 30 per cent of the international journals indexed in the field of communications in Scopus by Elsevier.

Nordicom Launches a Newsletter on Nordic Media Policy

Nordicom added last week a new newsletter to their circulation: Nordic Media Policy. The newsletter presents new legislative proposals, parliamentary debates, and new media policy decisions.

Social Media, Crises, and Sustainability Topical Themes at the Doctoral Pre-Conference

The NordMedia23 Doctoral Pre-Conference will bring together 25 doctoral students from the Nordic countries to discuss their ongoing work. TikTok, climate change and sustainable media production are frequent topics.

NordMedia23 Opening Keynote to be Held by Nicholas Diakopoulos

The opening keynote at the NordMedia23 Conference, entitled Technological Takeover? Social and Cultural Implications – Promises and Pitfalls, will be held by Nicholas (Nick) Diakopoulos, an expert ion computational journalism.

New Nordic Research: Life in a Surveillance Culture

The possibilities to surveil people have increased. In a new research anthology published by Nordicom, different researchers study how living in a “culture of surveillance” affects our daily lives and societies.

Will the Next NordMedia Conference Host a Record Number of Presentations?

In total, 326 papers were accepted to the NordMedia2023 Conference. We do not yet know how many of the accepted participants will register and come to the onsite conference in Norway, but there is a possibility for this year's conference to break a record.

Notes From a Manuscript Editor: The DOs and DON’Ts of DOIs (and URLs)

Have you ever thought about DOIs? While digital object identifiers can be incredibly useful for providing persistent and permanent digital addresses for published works, they are also notorious among scholars for being, well, a pain.

Spinning in the Post-Doc Carousel: Lifting Up the Fixed-Term Researcher

At universities, employees are remembered in many ways. As the years of service and the employee's age accumulate, anniversary years are celebrated; festschrifts are prepared, and when employees change their workplace, farewell partiers are arranged. But who sees the fixed-term researcher?

European Databases Make Media Research Evidence Accessible

Many transnational research projects aim at producing added value by collecting research into databases. Recent examples with Nordic contributions include databases for European media ownership, research on children's online behaviour and content analysis.

Let the Algorithm Find the Fit? Journal Finders to Minimise the Guesswork

Finding the right journal for an article manuscript can be challenging. Could journal finders be of help to find a good fit? We made an overview for you and described how they work.