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Teaching Journalism in Difficult Conditions

Ukrainians strive to maintain their daily routines despite the ongoing war. But what is the reality of being a lecturer during such tumultuous times? Do young people still want to study journalism? Three Ukrainian academics share with us their insights and experience.

Studying Journalism in Difficult Conditions: "Warm Sports Suits so it is Quick to Go Down to the Basement"

Have you ever contemplated the realities of pursuing academic aspirations amidst turbulent times, where the echoes of explosions are a sobering backdrop? In a series of articles, we present firsthand account of those studying and educating journalism amidst the tumult of miliary conflict and civil unrest. To commence, we bring forth the testimonies of Ukrainian students.

Is There a Nordic Media System? It All Depends on Perspective

Authors of a new anthology discuss the Nordic media landscape amidst digital challenges and political transformations. “Looking globally, the Nordic countries are becoming more similar, but there are also domestication processes separating them”, the editors highlight. 

Doctoral Research 2023: What Did the New Nordic Doctors Study?

Misinformation, gaming cultures, digital media and emotional contagion - these were among the topics of the new doctoral theses defended at Nordic universities last year. In 2023, Nordic region welcomed 53 new doctors in the field of media and communication. Congratulations to all!

The Best Places to Work When Visiting Copenhagen with a Laptop

In the final article of the series for traveling laptop workers, Christoffer Bagger unveils his top picks across Copenhagen's diverse neighborhoods.

Putting the AI Cart Before the AI Horse

"Money is pouring into AI businesses that promise cool innovations – but basic research needs steady public funding to solve the societal challenges that AI poses", argues Marija Slavkovik, the head of the Infomedia department at the University of Bergen.

Notes From a Manuscript Editor: The Benefits of Using the First Person and Active Language

What’s in a name? Why does it matter if one uses “I”, “we”, or “the author”? Does it make a difference if one does something, or if something has been done? On what side should the scales tip when balancing clarity against so-called objectivity? Consider these questions with Kristin Clay.

The Best Places to Work When Visiting Oslo with a Laptop

The recent transformation of Oslo’s waterfront has opened up enticing spots for travelers who need to sit and work. As part of our series for laptop workers, here are some suggestions for the best places to get some work done in the Norwegian capital city, from the newest fjord-side spaces to older local favorites.

Embracing ‘Stranger’ Status: An Immigrant's Tale of Pursuing a PhD in Denmark

"As an international PhD fellow in Denmark, I frequently face the challenge of validating myself both academically and culturally," reflects Victoria Andelsman Alvarez. She draws parallels with "the stranger," describing the experience of being socially distant despite physical proximity to a group.

Dismantling Public Values, One Data Center at the Time

“Nordic states are letting go of values and infrastructure resources that are dear to the welfare state", writes Julia Velkova, adding: "Rather than bending to Big Tech values and modes of operation, we should have them bend to comply with our Nordic, public values, if they are to operate in the region".

The Best Places to Work When Visiting Reykjavik with a Laptop

Continuing our journey through Nordic capitals for remote workers, we now turn our attention to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Authors of a New Book: “ We Need More Monitoring, Reliable Data, and Informed Dialogue to Challenge Tech Giants' Monopolies"

"We discuss Big Tech's power but lack systematic monitoring," emphasise Sofie Flensburg and Signe Sophus Lai. With their new book, the authors hope to see a growing interest in infrastructure analysis within Nordic countries and more actors building upon their results and research methodologies.

On the Origin of the Third Person in Abstracts

Have you ever wondered why abstracts are often written in the third person? If this question has crossed your mind, rest assured, you're not alone. Johannes Bjerling, Editor at Nordicom, decided to delve into this matter.

The Best Places to Work When Visiting Stockholm with a Laptop

Our series for laptop workers visiting Nordic capitals continues with Sweden. Discover the ideal workplaces in #Stockholm when visiting the city and needing to find a place for a couple of hours of concentrated work.

A New Think Tank Hopes to Advance Democratic Digital Societies

“Our ambition is to increase knowledge both in the public domain as well as with policy makers about the functioning, control, and resilience of digital infrastructures”, says Signe Ravn-Højgaard, a co-founder of the Think Tank for Digital Infrastructure. 

The Best Places to Work When Visiting Helsinki with a Laptop

If you are visiting a Nordic capital for one day work trip, where to find good working spaces in the city centre? In our series for travelling laptop workers, we will give you some suggestions, departing from Finland's capital Helsinki.

Addressing Linguistic Unprofessionalism

"There is just no reasonable justification for academics to submit articles for peer review that resemble of a rough sketch more than a diligently crafted first draft. To put it bluntly: It's disrespectful and selfish", writes Erlend Lavik from the University of Bergen.

Learning in Scholarly Networks: Year 2023 in the Field of Media and Information Literacy Research

Networks are an integral part of academic collaborations. The existence of networks becomes especially tangible before Christmas, when all networks experience the need of gathering and wrapping up the year. Maarit Jaakkola summarizes the academic year of collaboration within her own area of networking, media and information literacy research.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

Back in 1982, the English band The Clash, delved into the complexities of a tumultuous relationship, pondering the question: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”. Fast forward to today, and similar quandary echoes in the minds of researchers as they navigate their increasingly intricate relationship with X, formerly known as Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence: A Reading List 

As the festive season approaches, we have compiled a list of books on the topic that captures everyone's attention – Artificial Intelligence.