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Announce Your Upcoming Conferences at NordMedia Network

As many already knows, NordMedia Network works to offer inspiration, information and interaction for media and communication scholars. One of the popular sections is the “Upcoming Conferences” section.

Freelance for NordMedia Network

We are continuously working to create relevant and up-to-date content for the Nordic media and communication researcher community. An important part of this work are freelancers’ contributions to the NordMedia Network platform.

Find Relevant Calls for Papers with NordMedia Network

NordMedia Network works continuously to make the community aware of conferences and webinars, vacant positions and open calls for articles, chapters and proposals.

Find and Announce Vacant Positions with NordMedia Network

NordMedia Network offers a wide array of inspiration, information and interaction for media and communication researchers. Amongst the useful features is the section called “Vacant Positions”.

Nordicom Review Reaches Top Quartile in Prestigious Journal Ranking

Nordicom Review continues to climb in the various performance metrics assembled by Scopus. For the first time ever, the Open Access journal published by Nordicom is now included in the top quartile for Communication journals in the SCImago Journal Rank (SJR).

A New Virtual Meeting Place for Scholars: The European Media Salon

Six European professors founded a new meeting space for virtual encounters between media scholars: the media salon. The salon shall accelerate open scientific exchange that has, according to the initiators, decreased because of the pandemic restrictions.

Students Among the Most Avid Readers of Open Access Journal Articles

A new article written by Finnish and Swedish researchers inquired into the readership of Finnish open access journals. Especially older materials in national languages are an important resource to students.

A Free Tool for Monitoring Gender Equality in News Media

Women are still are underrepresented in the news across the world, and the Nordic countries do not make an exception. To make it easier to measure and compare media gender equality, a group of researchers at the University of Gothenburg has developed an open dataset.

New Projects to Develop Nordic Journalism Education

This autumn, a number of new research and development projects aimed at advancing journalism education in the Nordic countries have received grants.

20 Ideas for Celebrating over Zoom

For now, we are well-prepared to hold a meeting on Zoom or Teams, or even have a virtual coffee with colleagues. How to celebrate seasonal events, kick-offs and thank you-gatherings over a web conferencing or meeting platform? We collected 20 basic ideas to avoid stiffly and formally sitting in front of the screen.

Academic Organizations Respond to the Prolonged COVID-19 Pandemic

The Nordic and European countries are jointly strengthening research cooperation on COVID-19 to prepare for future pandemics. Organizations supporting the functions of higher education institutions are seeking for new ways to support research and education.

Open Access, but How Long? The Problem of Vanishing Journals

A newly published report suggests that thousands of open access articles have vanished during the decent decade. Among the journal titles that disappeared in 2000–2019, over the half were journals in social sciences and humanities.

A Research Program for Humanists and Social Scientists to Study Challenges in the Nordic Societies

A group of Finnish and Swedish foundations will launch a joint research program in the humanities and social sciences with a special focus on the challenges of Nordic societies.

Strengthening Swedish MIL Studies: Nordicom Coordinates a Forum for Media Literacy Research

Has video literacy been studied in Sweden? Who are the Swedish experts in Instagram literacy? Questions will be more efficiently answered within the new academic forum for media literacy research, coordinated by Nordicom.

Nordicom Review Increases Its Scopus Score

Scopus has now released their cite scores for 2019. The score for the journal Nordicom Review increases substantially, from 0.8 to 1.2. Scopus is Elsevier’s abstract and citation database that covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers.

Students Decided to Present Their Master's Theses Virtually in Public

Students in the humanities at the University of Gothenburg decided to make a website for the presentation of their Master's thesis when the public presentation was not possible.

Nordicom Adds New Quality Label to Their Open Access Books

Nordicom strengthens the status of Nordic academic books by partnering with Kriterium, a Swedish portal for peer review of Open Access books. Peer review is not just for journal articles anymore – authors publishing books with Nordicom will now have the opportunity to submit their manuscripts for expert peer review.

Nordicom Sets a Digital Book Table at Virtual Conferences

When conferences are going virtual, Nordicom is contributing to the events by presenting open access books at a virtual book table. The first virtual book table is set at the Nordic Media Days in Bergen.

NordMedia Network Obtained a Publishing Certificate

NordMedia Network has obtained a publishing certificate from the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority. The certificate provides the constitutional protection of freedom of expression and enables publishing of content with a more journalistic character.

Cancel Everything – or Just Postpone?

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many conference organisers are currently struggling with hard decisions. We have weighed the pros and cons against each other.