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The Nordic Council of Ministers for Nordic Cultural Co-operation Wants Your Input

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture has developed new collaboration program for 2025-2030 and invites your voice. The public consultation ends on April 26th.

New Nordic Initiative to Advance Satire Research

The Danish-Swedish research network, SatiReNet, launched earlier this year, seeks to delve into the complexities of modern satire to address controversies and reshape standard perceptions. “Among our goals is to pioneer the world's first international satire research network”, says Ida Klitgård, one of the project's leaders. 

Nordic Vaccine Scepticism Reflects Broader Mistrust in Modern Government and Science, Reveals New Book

Bringing together studies from across the Nordic region, new book examines the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on vaccine hesitancy. 

NordMedia Network's Researcher Database Reaches 1,000 Members

Our open expert database of media researchers has crossed the limit of 1,000 registered members. The next goals, according to the editor-in-chief, include discovering new forms and formats for the scholarly service and deepening Nordic-Baltic connections.

Medianorway Ceases Operation After 30 Years

After three decades of documenting media trends in Norway, the information center ceases operations due to financial constraints.

Do You Know These Nordic Christmas Traditions?

From the luminous Luciatåget in Sweden to the playful Yule Lads of Iceland, each Nordic country contributes to a rich tapestry of festive Christmas customs. Learn more about some of the Yuletide traditions that define the magical holiday spirit in the region. 

Gender-Balanced Boards Pave the Way for More Female Leaders in the Media Industry

An analysis conducted by Nordicom, examining the largest media corporations in the Nordic region, illustrates a correlation between gender-equitable corporate boards and the appointment of CEOs, as well as the composition of executive leadership teams.

Infiltration of Big Tech: New Book Exposes Global Players Emerging as Central Communication Gatekeepers in the Nordics

Nordicom's latest publication, authored by Signe Sophus Lai and Sofie Flensburg, sheds light on the clash between traditional Nordic welfare models and the pervasive influence of global tech titans.

Nordicom Review Calls for Academic Book Reviewers

Whether you are a junior scholar looking for opportunities to further your writing experience, or a seasoned scholar looking to share your expertise, writing a book review can be a valuable exercise. Nordicom Review is looking for book reviewers for the upcoming issue, and beyond.

NordMedia25 Conference Welcomes You in the Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

We take great pleasure in announcing that the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense will serve as the host institution for the NordMedia conference on 13–15 August 2025. Odense is known, among other things, as the home of the literary fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen.

The Journalist Fund for Further Training Offers a Scholarship Opportunity 

The Journalist Fund for Further Training has announced scholarships for journalists with a connection to Sweden who work in the field of journalism research or media research at a university or college.

Doctoral Student Seeking Enriching PhD Courses? Check Out Our Updated Feed!

Are you a doctoral student seeking enriching PhD courses? Explore our recently updated PhD courses catalogue, and discover the Nordic academic opportunities for you.

New Citations Record for Nordicom Review

Nordicom Review has increased its CiteScore to a new record. For the first time ever, the journal now ranks among the top 30 per cent of the international journals indexed in the field of communications in Scopus by Elsevier.

Nordicom Launches a Newsletter on Nordic Media Policy

Nordicom added last week a new newsletter to their circulation: Nordic Media Policy. The newsletter presents new legislative proposals, parliamentary debates, and new media policy decisions.

European Databases Make Media Research Evidence Accessible

Many transnational research projects aim at producing added value by collecting research into databases. Recent examples with Nordic contributions include databases for European media ownership, research on children's online behaviour and content analysis.

NordMedia Network Seeks a New Managing Editor

Are you NordMedia Network's new managing editor? We are now seeking a new person, placed at the University of Bergen, to take care of digital research communication. Is this the opportunity you have been looking for? 

FSMK 2023: Registration is Open

It is now possible to register for the annual symposium of The Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK).

Communication of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Nordic Countries

How was the Covid-19 pandemic communicated in the Nordic countries? A new book, Communicating a Pandemic: Crisis Management and Covid-19 in the Nordic Countries, provides some answers to this question. We have asked a few of the authors of the book why their study is important and who can benefit from reading it.

Joining Forces to Save Medienorge

The knowledge base Medienorge did not receive funding in the state budget of 2023. Now, three Norwegian foundations are joining forces to finance operations until the end of the year.

Join NordMedia Network's Online Writing Retreat

NordMedia Network is organizing two brand new online writing retreats in the spring of 2023. The dates are 31 March and 28 April. Choose one or both, and join us for a writing retreat!