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Update from SMiD’s Biennial Meeting 2022: Call for Contributions

The call for contributions has just been published. The deadline for suggestions for contributions is September 15, 2022.

Pre-launch of AfroMedia Network

On April 28 between 14:30 and 15:00 AfroMedia Network will be pre-launched as the new digital platform for African media researchers.

Scholarships for Media Research Have Been Announced

The Wahlgrenska Foundation announces seven scholarships in different categories, and The Journalist Fund for Further Training announces scholarships for journalists, with a connection to Sweden, who works in the field of journalism research and media research at a university or college.

NordMedia Network List of Journals Now Includes Baltic Journals

From a listing focusing on Nordic scientific journals, we have now extended our journals' list to include Baltic journals publishing original media and communication research. See which ones in this highlight.

Reminder From the Norwegian Media Researcher Conference 2022: Special Conference Fee for Members

This year's Norwegian media research conference will be organized by the University of Stavanger on October 13 and 14, on behalf of the Norwegian Media Research Association.

Updates from the Finnish Conference for Media and Communication Studies MEVI2022: Keynote Speakers

The Finnish Conference for Media and Communication Studies MEVI2022 has just announced their keynote speakers.

FSMK Symposium 2022: Programme Published and Registration Open

It is now possible to register for the annual symposium of The Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK).

Mobility Funding for Nordic Journalism Students and Educators

Nordic journalism students and educators at the member institutions of the Nordic Collaboration Committee for Journalism Education can now apply for mobility funding. The deadline is April 1. 

Academic Reactions to the War in Ukraine

After the Russian invasion on Ukraine on the February 24, many international and national research associations published statements supporting the Ukrainians. Even individual academics have expressed their support, debunking dis- and misinformation. We gathered a few of the many academic reactions.

Update from the Finnish Conference for Media and Communication Studies MEVI2022

MEVI2022 will be held in Turku on 22 to 23 April 2022. The call for papers is now open.

Follow the MediaFutures Seminars Series on NordMedia Network

The MediaFutures Seminar series is hosted by MediaFutures – Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation. From February it will be listed in our webinar section and co-promoted by NordMedia Network.

Update on the FSMK Symposium 2022

This year, The Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK)'s annual symposium, The "FSMK-dagen" will be at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall on 5 to 6 May.

Does Your University Produce Content Relevant for Your Nordic Peers?

An important part of NordMedia Network's purpose is to inform and inspire the Nordic media and communication research community. That is why we have decided to provide the opportunity for you to use the platform as a communication channel.

Upcoming Webinar: Media Literacy in India

As a part of the webinar series De-Westernising Media Literacy, the 2022 season kicks off with a special view on India. The webinar takes place on Thursday 27 of January at 15:00 CET.

Norwegian-Danish Cooperation with New PhD Course

Two research groups in Norway and Denmark are joining forces to provide PhD course in audience studies and media use research.

Several Calls for Papers with Deadline in February

Currently we have listed twenty-three different calls, of which nine have submission deadline in February 2022. A couple of the calls even have a special Nordic focus.

NordMedia Network and Social Media

We have presence on several different social media channels, and give you the possibility to promote yourselves and your work through NordMedia Network.

Media Literacy Webinar Series Continues in Spring 2022

The international media literacy webinar series at NordMedia Network will be continued with one more series in Spring 2022, focusing on media literacy approaches in countries beyond Europe; India, South America, the Arabic region, and Japan.

More Than 700 Registered Experts

The media expert database now lists more than 700 experts in fields within media and communication studies. Since the NordMedia21 Conference in August, the database has received almost one new expert every work-day.

New Resource: Nordic Media Study Programmes in a Database

NordMedia Network presents a new resource: a database of educational programs. We have collected Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs offered in the field of media, journalism and communication studies.