A New Nordic Master’s Program in Journalism Studies in Stockholm

A new programme, beginning this Autumn at Stockholm University, approaches journalism studies from a theoretical, research-oriented perspective. This is the first programme in Sweden to take this direction. It is an effort to address a rapidly changing media system with competent analysis and knowledge.

The new Master’s-level study programme at the Unit of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at the Department of Media Studies (IMS) approaches the role of journalism in society from a theoretical perspective, with special attention on digitalization and the role journalism plays in democracy.

– Advanced education and research on journalism and its preconditions are linked to democracy and sustainability, says Maria Nilsson, Head of the study programme.

The theoretical focus of the programme addresses a need in society to adapt to a quickly changing media system with competent analysis and knowledge.

– Sweden, as all the Nordic countries, need competent analysts and researchers who can make a difference with their knowledge on journalism in a media system that is drastically changing, says Ester Pollack, Professor in Journalism.

As the first fully research-oriented journalism programme in Sweden, it will be excellent preparation for not only independent investigative work, but also research and further doctoral studies.

– We are in a time of change where journalism’s forms and public relations are changing dramatically. Global media is suddenly available to ever wider groups, and social media has changed the way people access and discuss various social issues. At the same time, journalism is increasingly criticised by politicians and actors in alternative media. Right now, therefore, it is particularly important to research journalism, explains researcher Andreas Widholm, Associate Professor at JMK.

Application for the Autumn 2020 semester is open from 16 March–16 April.

Read more about the program in Swedish at Nordiskjournalistutbildning.org and at Stockholm University’s website.

Text: Kristin Clay
Photo: Nicklas Björling, Stockholm University