Christmas Songs from the Nordic Countries

We have collected a handful of Christmas songs from each of the Nordic countries and made a Spotify playlist for our network to enjoy over the holidays. From timeless classics to parodies, we bring you a varied selection of Christmas songs to put you in a bright mood this season.

There is nothing like putting on your old favorite Christmas playlist as the holiday approaches. But perhaps you are curious to explore Christmas music from other Nordic countries as well? To connect our network though music, we would like to offer a playlist containing Christmas songs from the Nordic countries. Presenting from each Nordic country three quite different Christmas songs: one classic, one modern, and one funny or unique. So sit back and enjoy, and who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite Christmas song on the playlist?


Varpunen Jouluaamuna (The sparrow on Christmas morning) – Vesa-Matti Loiri

The sparrow on Christmas morning is a poem by Zachris Topelius from 1859. It has later been composed as a song by many. Among them is Vesa-Matti Loiris’ version from 1988.

Jouluaattona Kännissä (On Christmas Eve) – Leevi and the leavings

Gösta Sundqvist was a famous Finnish musician and radio personality, and he was the lead singer and songwriter of the band Leevi and the leavings. The song Jouluaattona Kännissä (1995) is about a family where alcohol abuse ruins the Christmas mood.

Sika (Pig) – Juice Leskinen

Sika (1980) is a song written by Juhani Juice Leskinen. The song tells a story about a family that raises a pig and feeds it from spring until November. During Christmas, the pig is slaughtered and eaten at the Christmas meal.


När juldagsmorgon glimmar (When Christmas morning glimmers) – The Karlskoga Chamber Choir

A beautiful song written in Swedish by Betty Ehrenborg-Posse, approximately in 1851. The tune (2/2 time, D major) is originally a German folk song from the early 19th century. The song is often sung in homes and in schools. The song was first published in the free church movement’s songbooks and was used in the Sunday School.

Fira jul med mig (Spend Christmas with me) – Linnea Henriksson

Fira jul med mig (2019) is a song written by Linnéa Södahl and is composed and produced by Johan Eckeborn. Linnea Henriksson participated in Swedish Idol in 2010, and in 2019 she released the Christmas album named TILL_____FRÅN_____.

Juligen (Christmas again) – JustD

JustD is a hip hop trio and the song Juligen (1991) was written by the members Wille Crafoord and Peder Ernerot. In this popular Christmas song parody, JustD complains and makes fun of the modern Swedish Christmas traditions. The song is loved precisely because the lyrics describe Christmas celebration in a relatable way.


Hátíð Í Bæ (Festival In Town) – Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson

Hátíð Í Bæ is the Icelandic edition of the classic Christmas song “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, sung by the respected and popular musician Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmssonand in 1971.

Velkominn Desember (Welcome December) – Alda Dis

Velkominn Desember (2022) is the newest contribution on our playlist, and is composed and written by Álda Dísar Arnardóttir. The song won the hearts of the audience at RÚV´s Christmas song contest of 2022.

Jólahjól (Christmas bike) – Sniglabandið 

The highly popular song Jólahjól is from 1987, and is composed by Sniglabandið, and sung by Stefán Hilmarsson. In the opinion of many Icelanders, the best Christmas song of all time is in fact the classic Jolahjól.


Til julebal i Nisseland (To the Christmas ball in Nisseland) – Lille Per

This classic and well-known song is from the movie Far til fire i byen (1956) and is written by Victor Skaarup and composed by Sven Gyldmark. The song is played in the famous scene where Lille Per dreams that he attends a Christmas ball in “Nisseland”.

Tinka – Burhan Genc, Frida Brygmann

Tinka is the title song from the series Tinkas juleeventyr (2017). The song quickly became a fan favorite, and composer Burhan was even asked to perform the song at his summer concerts.

Jul i Angora (Christmas in Angora) – Drengene fra Angora

Drengene fra Angora was a satirical comedy series, and in 2004 they made a hit song about Christmas in the fictional town of Angora. The song is still very popular, and it has become a part of many Danes’ Christmas traditions.


Julepresangen (The Christmas present) – Alf Prøysen

A true Norwegian classic, and a popular song to play at Juletrefester (Christmas tree parties). The song was first performed in the children’s radio program Barnetimen in December 1951, and is about a boy who is making a Christmas present for his mother.

Når himmelen faller ned (When the sky is falling down) – Anne Grete Preus

Anne Grete Preus was a musician and lyricist, and she wrote this song in 1998. The beautiful song is loved, and you will find it on most Norwegian Christmas playlists.

God jul (Merry Christmas) – Radioresepsjonen

God jul was written in 2011 by Tore Sagen, one of the members of the radio show Radioresepsjonen. The song’s lyrics contains a list of Christmas associations, and was made jokingly to show how easy it can be to make your own hit song.

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