Freelance for NordMedia Network

We are continuously working to create relevant and up-to-date content for the Nordic media and communication researcher community. An important part of this work are freelancers’ contributions to the NordMedia Network platform.

Freelancers provide with fresh eyes and a journalistic approach to the Nordic media and communication research community. The content is read by both users of our website and our followers in social media. Articles from freelancers are, in general, more in-depth than our shorter highlights, and can roughly be categorised in the following categories:

  • Feature: reports on current phenomena in the research community
  • Personal portrait: interviews with researchers
  • Visual storytelling: videos, podcasts, visualisations and interactive graphics. For some examples, see

Who are the freelancers?

The freelancers of NordMedia Network are accustomed freelancers, students building a portfolio and academics with a wish to write for our audiences. Our goal is always to create quality together.

Freelancing for NordMedia Network provides an opportunity to write about current Nordic media research. It is also an opportunity for both practicing journalistic writing in English and obtaining references in web journalism and scientific communication.

Support and compensation

All authors receive instructions and the support they need from Nordicom and the editorial team of NordMedia Network. Consequently, the articles are also proofread by native English speakers before publication.

When the work is published, we often promote the work on relevant social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as our bi-weekly newsletter.

Additionally, we pay compensation of SEK 1,500–2,000 depending on how much work the article requires.

Become a freelancer


Sign up for our freelance network with editor-in-chief Maarit Jaakkola. Please indicate which special areas you are most knowledgeable about and interested in: a) person-driven projects, b) feature writing about phenomena, c) visual development, d) other
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