Media Literacy Webinar Series Continues in Spring 2022

The international media literacy webinar series will be continued with one more series in Spring 2022, focusing on media literacy approaches in countries beyond Europe.

The media literacy webinar series were among the first webinar series at NordMedia Network. So far, two series have been presented: Media Education in the Nordic Countries: Lessons Learned from the Neighbours was organized in collaboration with the Swedish Media Council in September-October in 2020, presenting media literacy approaches from Sweden’s neighbors Finland, Denmark and Norway. As a continuation, the second webinar series Media Literacy in Europe: Country Approaches made walk-throughs in some European countries. This series was a collaboration with the Media & Learning Association and it was organized between November 2020 and June 2021.

Now, a third series will take our view beyond Europe: De-Westernising Media Literacy: Perspectives on Pedagogies, Practices and Theories of Media Education will deal with approaches in India, South American countries, the Arabic region, and Japan. The series will be organized during the academic spring term 2022 and rounded up by a webinar with a focus on Sweden, a country that has so far not been included in any of the series.

Photo: Jezael Melgoza, Unsplash