More Than 700 Registered Experts

The NordMedia expert database now lists more than 700 experts in fields within media and communication studies in the Nordic region. The current numbers indicate that the database has received nearly one new expert every work-day since the NordMedia21 conference in August 2021.

As some perhaps already have experienced, being registered in the database means experts are more accessible to the people who are looking for different expertise, such as academic peers, media professionals and policy makers – from mentors to supervisors, from professors to research assistants, and from research stakeholders to industry experts.

Current composition

As the database grows, the scope of this database will be more comprehensive. Currently the database consists of approximately

  • 30% experts working in Sweden
  • 20% experts working in Norway
  • 20% experts working in Denmark
  • 15% experts working in Finland

And a total of a bit more than 2 per cent working in Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands. Åland is the only Nordic region without any registered experts in our database yet. The remaining experts are located all over the world, with Estonia particularly well represented.

Photo: Ian Schneider on Unsplash