Morning Webinars to Present New Special Issues of Scientific Journals

A new series of morning webinars will present special issues from Nordic scientific journals to everyone interested in the newest media and communication research. The concept: grab a coffee and follow a concise 45-minute session before starting work.

An upcoming series of webinars at NordMedia Network will cast light on special issues produced by scientific journals in the Nordic countries.

Special issues are thematic publications collecting the newest research. Many journals are releasing special issues as part of their publication profile, besides regular issues that involve articles with varying topics.

– This idea for this initiative came from the field, says editor-in-chief Maarit Jaakkola.

– Many editors and publishers of special issues do not have established channels to promote the themed issues. Promotion is always en extra effort. We want to offer special issue editors an attractive channel for dedicating attention to work accomplished, and for audiences, an easy way to find new research.

The morning webinars will start at 8:30 Scandinavian time and end by 9:15 when the first lectures typically start. The webinars will also be recorded for later watching.

You can find the presentation of the series in NordMedia Network’s webinar catalogue, found in the main menu under “Collaborations”.

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Photo: Adobe Stock