Nordicom Launches a Newsletter on Nordic Media Policy

Nordicom has added a new newsletter to their circulation: Nordic Media Policy. The newsletter presents new legislative proposals, parliamentary debates, and new media policy decisions and initiatives in the Nordic countries and at the regional level. It also highlights new reports and studies in the media field from the Nordics.

Last week, Nordicom launched a new newsletter: Nordic Media Policy. The newsletter is curated and edited by Tobias Lindberg, researcher at Nordicom. 

– The Nordic media landscapes are currently undergoing major changes. The goal of this new newsletter is to follow the media policy part of this development. For example, we see major changes in the Nordics in the existing media support systems at the same time as the public service’s future mission is being discussed. There is a lot going on in this area and we want to follow it, explains Lindberg.

Nordicom’s long-established European Media Policy newsletter – focusing on policy developments at the EU level – has previously been published three times a year. With the introduction of Nordic Media Policy, the two newsletters will now be published in tandem, approximately every other month.

Starting in 2023, European Media Policy is curated and edited by Swedish freelance journalist Natacha López. Natacha has a long experience of covering the political development in Brussels for Swedish news media. 

The two newsletters are an expression of Nordicom’s strategic partnership with the Nordic Council of Ministers, which aims to assemble and disseminate knowledge about media development in the Nordic region.

– Media legislators are having a daunting job to stay on top of a media landscape that is changing faster and faster, says Jonas Ohlsson, director of Nordicom. Over the past few years, we have seen some massive legislation efforts from the EU that directly affects the Nordic region. We have also seen the Nordic countries choosing somewhat different paths in regulating and supporting their national markets. With our two newsletters, we cover the full spectrum of media policy development from a Nordic point of view.  

As a brand new newsletter, the scope and content of Nordic Media Policy can benefit from community involvement early on. If you have tips on important events, reports or developments that should be addressed in this context, then please contact Tobias Lindberg at

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Photo: Solen Feyissa, Unsplash