Nordicom Review Calls for Academic Book Reviewers

Whether you are a junior scholar looking for opportunities to further your writing experience, or a seasoned scholar looking to share your expertise, writing a book review can be a valuable exercise. Nordicom Review, a peer-reviewed journal of media and communication research, seeks book reviewers for the upcoming issue.

With Christmas approaching, what better time to curl up with a book from your “to-read” list and write a review for your fellow researchers? 

The Nordic media and communication research journal Nordicom Review is currently seeking book reviewers for the upcoming issue – and beyond. Academic book reviews are needed on a regular basis to monitor the landscape of academic publishing. The journal aims to publish two–three book reviews in each issue on academic books within the field of media and communication research written in English. Preference is given to books with relevance for the Nordic region.

A list of suggested books, along with the basic requirements, can be found on Nordicom’s website

For inspiration and advice, you can check out our book review handbook published in 2022, Joining the Scholarly Conversation: The Basics of Writing an Academic Book Review

Additionally, you can find recorded webinars, networking opportunities, and reference works on book reviews at NordMedia Network’s Academic Book Review Community web page. 

To express your interest in serving as a book reviewer, please contact Nordicom Review‘s book review editor Maarit Jaakkola,

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