Nordicom Sets a Digital Book Table at Virtual Conferences

Nordicom has adopted a practice to be present at conferences for media research by setting a “book table”.

The book table stands in an easily accessible corner of the conference venue where conference participants tend to meet and hang around at session breaks. At Nordicom’s book table, participants can come across new titles, ask questions, chat with each other and maybe even propose new ideas for publishing. All literature presented at the table can be accessed online.

This year, as more and more conferences are going online, Nordicom will provide conference participants with a virtual setting. The first virtual book table will be set at the Nordic Media Days, to be held as an online conference in Bergen, Norway, on 6–7 May. At the table, samples of new academic titles are presented in a digital form. All titles can be found at Nordicom’s book gallery on the organisation’s website.

Nordicom presents:

Virtual book table

Go to Nordicom’s virtual book table at the Nordic Media Days in Bergen, a virtual conference held on 6-7 May 2020:
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Virtual book table

Who knows: for upcoming conferences the table can be enhanced with an information specialist on duty or with other types of interaction. If you have any questions or preferences regarding our virtual presence at conferences, please don’t hesitate to ask us by sending an e-mail to

Photos: Mia Jonsson Lindell