NordMedia Network and Social Media

We have presence on several different social media channels, and give you the possibility to promote yourselves and your work through NordMedia Network. In this highlight we elaborate on what we do where, and what you can do.

Find us on Twitter

Amongst the social media platforms where we are present, Twitter is where we have the most activity. On a regular basis we post the highlights and featured articles from our news section, but we also retweet relevant posts from around the Nordics. Relevant posts from others include upcoming conferences and seminars, announcements of vacant positions, calls for papers and news that can be interesting for the rest of the Nordic media and communication scholar community.

When promoting your work and events you can tag us in your tweet, and we will do our best to share the message with the rest of the Nordic media and communication scholar community. You can also promote news and announcements through our contribute section.

Our account on Twitter can be found at

Follow us Facebook

NordMedia Network is also present on Facebook. Here we mostly post highlights and featured articles. However, a special reason for us to be on Facebook is that it is easy for you to share and comment on articles you find especially interesting.

Our Facebook account can be found and followed on

Watch webinars on Youtube

On Youtube you can find clips and presentations from webinars hosted by NordMedia Network. This is a good resource if you don’t have the opportunity to join our live webinars.

You can follow us on Youtube by visiting the NordMedia Network channel.

List your social media accounts in your Expert database profile

When registered in our expert database you can list your your social media presence and accounts under “Contact details and professional links”. You access this possibility through “Profile settings“, which is available when you are registered in our expert database.

Access and edit your expert database profile

In your profile you can list and link to your social media presence on the following social networking sites (listed in no particular order):

  • Research Gate
  • Mendeley
  • Google Scholar
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

A thorough profile, including where we can find you online, makes it easier for fellow network members to connect with you.

Photo by Pricilla de Preez via Unsplash.