NordMedia Network Obtained a Publishing Certificate

NordMedia Network has obtained a publishing certificate from the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority MPRT. The publishing certificate – in Swedish: utgivningsbeviset – provides the same constitutional protection of freedom of expression as mass media companies have for their online publications.

Additionally, a responsible editor has been appointed for NordMedia Network. The editor-in-chief of the platform, Maarit Jaakkola, will be the responsible editor – in Swedish: ansvarig utgivare – and have the sole criminal liability for what is published.

The content production on websites with a publishing certificate are covered by constitutional protection. In the Swedish Constitution, the most important legislative regulations are the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act (tryckfrihetsförordningen) and the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (yttrandefrihetsgrundlagen).

– We have an ambition to publish featured articles – for example, essays, reportages and interviews – on this site, written by both Nordic media scholars and freelancer journalists. The publishing certificate, with the constitutional protection guaranteeing, for example, the immunity from liability of sources, provides us with a solid ground for this kind of work that has a more journalistic character, says Maarit Jaakkola.

A publishing certificate is valid for ten years and can be renewed thereafter.

Photo: Maarit Jaakkola