Open Access Christmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas is upon us and NordMedia Network takes the tabloid opportunity to recommend Christmas gifts for yourself, your friends and family. As reasonable and environmentally friendly alternatives to costly and physical gifts, we put the spotlight on some Open Access publications from Nordic authors.

Digitalisation and interaction

Digital samhandling – Fjordantologien 2020 (2020) edited by Lars Julius Halvorsen, Roar Stokken, Wenke Mork Rogne and Ivar John Erdal, Scandinavian University Press

The book, which is available in Norwegian, consists of 19 different articles from within the social sciences. Common for them all is that they talk about how digitalisation affects the way we interact with other people.

Why we suggest it: Regardless of what Christmas party one attends, the knowledge obtained in this book can most likely be incorporated in most conversations – not least in a time when digital meetings have become the new normal.

Modern Environmentalism in Sweden

Den gröna vändningen – En ny kunskapshistoria om miljöfrågornas genombrott under efterkrigstiden
(2020), by David Larsson Heidenblad, Kriterium

David Larsson Heidenblad’s book sheds new light on the emergence of modern environmentalism in Sweden and provides fresh insight to challenges that concern us all.

Why we suggest it: As one dreams of a white Christmas, many also wonder about the development of modern environmentalism. In that case, this book will be valuable input to one’s train of thoughts.

Everyday realities of videogame production

Game Production Studies (2021), edited by Olli Sotamaa and Jan Svelch, Amsterdam University Press

In this book, across sixteen chapters, an international group of established and emerging researchers takes a closer look at the everyday realities of videogame production, ranging from commercial industries to independent creators and cultural intermediaries.

Why we suggest it: Many see Christmas as a time when one can finally find time to enjoy one’s favourite videogame. This book brings light to the production of the increasingly popular spare-time activity.

Corporatism in Finland

Kingdom of Nokia – How a Nation Served the Needs of One Company (2021) by Carl-Gustav Lindén, Helsinki University Press

Kingdom of Nokia tells a fascinating story of the well-known tech company and corporatism in Finland. How did the mobile phone giant Nokia make the Finnish elite willing to serve the interests of the company?

Why we suggest it: Finland isn’t only the home of Santa Claus, but also the home of Nokia. Many well-known stories focus on Santa Claus, but this book gives you a new perspective on Nokia and corporatism in their home country.

The History of a Medium of the Past

Teletext in Europe – From the Analog to the Digital Era (2016), edited by Hallvard Moe and Hilde Van den Bulck, Nordicom

There is a gap in our knowledge of teletext in Europe that this book aims to fill.

Why we suggest it: For many, Christmas is a time of nostalgia. And is there a better way to relive the past than to read about teletext?

Danish Television Drama

The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama (2021), edited by Pia Majbritt Jensen and Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen, Nordicom

This anthology offers a novel contribution to research on Danish television drama, the international circulation of audiovisual content produced in non-Anglophone contexts, and the phenomenon of Nordic Noir for both students and scholars.

Why we suggest it: Just like the true Christmas spirit, Danish television drama is also sought after. Without looking into who’s naughty or nice, this anthology explores the reception of Danish television drama series among global audiences.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide via Unsplash.