Reminder From the Norwegian Media Researcher Conference 2022: Special Conference Fee for Members

This year’s Norwegian media research conference will be organised by the University of Stavanger on 13–14 October, on behalf of the Norwegian Media Researcher Association (NML).

The conference takes place on 13–14 October 2022 at Radisson Blu Atlantic in Stavanger, and the deadline for submission of abstracts is 16 May.

The conference website has recently been published and will, as the planning progresses, be updated with with information on, among other things, conference fees, working groups and registration. An important thing to notice is the special conference fee for members of the Norwegian Media Researcher Association (NML).

Special conference fee for members

When it comes to conference fees, practice from previous conferences is followed with a lower fee for members of the Norwegian Media Researcher Association (NML). Those who are not yet members can join the association on its website.

Norwegian Media Researcher Association (NML) lists these benefits of being a member:

  • discount on Norwegian media research conference
  • discount on the NordMedia conferences, which is held every other year
  • up to 25% discount on subscriptions to journals published by Universitetsforlaget

You join a professional community, and therefore also contribute to:

  • maintaining Norsk Medietidsskrift as an Open Access journal;
  • supporting the continued arrangement of a Norwegian media researcher conference, which is our most important professional meeting place, the most important national conference for media research, and is held every other year;
  • nominating candidates for the media research team’s three prizes – the honorary prize, the dissemination prize and the prize for best master’s thesis – and potentially being a candidate for these prizes yourself;
  • and giving Norwegian media researchers a common voice, in that the Norwegian Media Researcher Association is a public consultation body.

Nordic Media Researcher Assosications

There are national media and communication reasearcher associations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Read more about them here:

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