The Best Places to Work When Visiting Reykjavik with a Laptop

For researchers seeking tranquility, Reykjavik, Iceland has a range of welcoming spots to accommodate your occasional work needs. Here are some recommendations.

Reykjavik City Library Culture Houses 


Location: Check the Addresses

The Reykjavik City Library operates eight libraries. Each library has its own charm and uniqueness, making it easy for everyone to find something they like and take advantage of the facilities on offer. The libraries have free Wi-Fi and cozy reading spaces, making them perfect places for researchers who need a quiet spot to concentrate.

Photo credit: Kringlan City Library



Locations Borgartún 12

For researchers wanting a cozy spot to focus, Kaffitar is a great pick. It’s a family-run business since 1990 with cafes at Reykjavík University, Bankastræti, Höfðatorg Borgartún, Kringlan shopping mall, and Stórhöfði. The one closest to the city centre is at Borgartún 12, where you’ll find comfortable seating on the upper floor, free high-speed Internet, and excellent coffee.

Photo credit: Kaffitar



Location: Þórunnartún 2

Looking for a place to stay a while? Consider Reykjavikakademian. Founded in 1997, the Reykjavík Academy overlooks Faxaflói bay, ten minutes’ walk from the center of Reykjavík. Reykjavikakademian has approximately 60 offices which members of the Academy can rent for shorter or longer periods. Any scholar can join and the members fee is only ISK 3,500 a year. If you only need a place to work for a few hours or a day, the Reykjavikakademian’s library is an option, It’s possible to sit down and work there, and  make use of the library if needed, and if not, just browse the library’s high-speed Internet. Best to get in touch in advance, either by phone (+354 562 8565) or e-mail ( and inquire about availability. 

Photo credit: Reykjavikakademian

Bókasamlagið (the Book Coop)


Location: Skipholt 19

Tailored for writers, book lovers, and anyone seeking the tranquility of a cozy café environment, this co-op is your ideal retreat. Moreover, it features a sound studio where anyone can book time to record a podcast, create a radio show, or produce an audiobook.

Photo credit: The Book Coop




From individual workstations to entire office complexes, Regus caters to a diverse range of workspace needs. Whether you’re seeking a temporary spot for an hour or a month, the company offers fully furnished offices suitable for various team sizes.

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