Update from the Finnish Conference for Media and Communication Studies MEVI2022

MEVI2022, the Finnish conference for media and communication studies, will be held in Turku on 22 to 23 April 2022. The conference hosts 11 working groups, and the call for papers is now open!

The deadline for the abstracts is March 4th, 2022. The organizers make it clear that even if the description of the working group is in Finnish, you should not hesitate to send in your abstract in English. The call is available both on the conference website and in the NordMedia Network’s section for call for papers.

The organizers are still working for a physical conference in Turku, but will inform about the final form of the conference in March.


Nordic Media Researcher Assosications

There are national media and communication reasearcher associations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Read more about them here:

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Nordic Media Researcher Assosications

Photo by Niko Herlin via Pixabay.