Webinar for Doctoral Students and Job Changers

Preceding the NordMedia Pre-Conference 2021 in Reykjavik in August, Nordicom will organize a webinar for doctoral students in media and communication research. In this webinar, we will learn how to translate doctoral competences into something that is valuable beyond academia. 

The webinar’s guest speaker is Christopher L. Caterine, the author of the book Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide (2020). In his talk, he will explain how to use informational interviews to learn the language and values of new sectors – and to practice translating your experience so that others grasp the value you can create for their organizations. He will also touch on how to network ethically and effectively in order to increase your access to opportunities in areas you wish to pursue.

The webinar may be useful not only for doctoral students, junior scholars and job changers, but also for doctoral supervisors and lecturers.

The webinar Risky and Resilient? Building an Academic Career will take place on the 5 February.

Go to the webinar page and watch the webinar recording.