Will the Next NordMedia Conference Host a Record Number of Presentations?

In total, 326 papers were accepted to the NordMedia2023 Conference. Almost a third of the papers were first-authored from a researcher from Norway, the host country of the conference. NordMedia2023 will be held on August 16–18 in Bergen.

This year’s call for the Nordic media conference attracted a high number of abstract submissions: In total, 326 paper abstracts were accepted to be presented at the conference in Bergen.

At the 2021 virtual conference, the number of papers presented was 253, in Malmö in 2019 it was 153, and in Tampere in 2017 it was the all-time highest at 287. We do not yet know how many of the accepted papers’ authors will register and come to the onsite conference in Norway, but there is a possibility for this year’s conference to break a record in papers presented.

Among the accepted submissions, 95 papers (29%) were written by a first author with a Norwegian affiliation. Accordingly, there were 83 papers led by a researcher from Sweden (25%), 69 from Finland (21%), 55 from Denmark (17%), 3 from Iceland (1%), and 21 from other countries – that is, countries beyond the Nordic countries (6%). Among the first authors, 35 per cent were non-doctors.

The conference hosts 12 research divisions and 3 temporary working groups. The acceptance decisions were made by the chairs of these groups, after an internal review. The deadline for the abstract submissions was on February 15.

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NordMedia21 Summarised: Lessons Learned from Iceland

A summary from the NordMedia2021 conference that was arranged virtually tells that the number of registered participants in the online conference was 396. In Malmö in 2019, participants numbered 345, and in Tampere in 2017, they numbered 357.
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NordMedia21 Summarised: Lessons Learned from Iceland

Photo: Brandi Redd, Unsplash