Facing the Final Frontier: Writing the Article-Based Dissertation


Advanced level of English (starting level CEFR C1)

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is for participants to prepare for writing and submitting their (article-based) PhD dissertation book. Participants will improve their ability to:

  •  create a suitable and effective outline for the dissertation book
  •  make a timeline for the final phases of the PhD process
  •  understand how to solve some of the most common problems occurring during the final phase of the PhD process


  • depending on the particular needs of the group, the course will include
  •  identifying and troubleshooting potential pitfalls and challenges in the dissertation writing process
  •  tackling the literature review (strategies, organization, writing approaches)
  •  understanding what goes in to the dissertation book
  •  hearing a personal PhD journey story from a guest lecturer
  •  reviewing the post-submission activities

Additional info

Completion methods

The course consists of in-class and independent work. The in-class sessions include individual and group work.

This course requires 100% active participation in the in-class sessions and completion of the agreed tasks by the deadline.

Assessment practices and criteria

Pass/fail Assessment is based on the learning outcomes. Passing the course requires active participation and completion of the agreed tasks by the deadline. 

The course uses self-evaluation.