NordMedia 2023: Pre-Conference for Doctoral Students


The NordMedia pre-conference is a one-day academic workshop for doctoral students in media and communication studies and will be held in Bergen on 15 August 2023, one day before the NordMedia23 main conference.

The pre-conference will offer doctoral students a possibility to receive feedback from senior scholars in a collegial atmosphere. The workshop is also a forum for doctoral students to network with other Nordic scholars and scholars-to-be.

The number of participants in the pre-conference is limited to 25 persons. Participants will be selected on the basis of an abstract that will be submitted by February 15, 2023. The selected participants will be notified of acceptance by April 4 and asked to submit a full academic paper to be presented and discussed at the pre-conference. The paper can be an article manuscript or a chapter to be included in the doctoral thesis. We will invite distinguished Nordic scholars to comment and give feedback on the participants’ papers.

Additionally, one part of the workshop will be dedicated to the exchange of experiences and career advice. After the pre-conference, participants have the possibility to continue following the NordMedia23 main conference in Bergen.

We will employ a number of different working methods in the workshop, including lectures, poster presentations and small-group discussions. Our aim is that after the pre-conference the participants will have feel encouraged and inspired to continue their doctoral studies.

The pre-conference is free of charge, and the participants are invited to listen to conference presentations at the NordMedia23 main conference without paying the conference fee. However, if participants intend to present a paper at the main conference, they are expected to pay the conference fee. Each pre-conference participant covers the travel and accommodation costs. Usually, doctoral students receive a travel grant from their department or doctoral study program.