Workshop on Academic Publishing for Doctoral Students

Publishing in international journals is a given for researchers. Nevertheless, it can often be difficult to get an overview of the range of journals and to understand the different steps involved in the publication process. There are many pieces that need to be in place before a manuscript reaches its readers. Among other things, there is a review process where you – as a scholar – make sure that another’s manuscript meets the highest standards of scientific quality. To help sort things out, Nordicom is organising a workshop on academic journal publishing.

The workshop is aimed at doctoral students in journalism, media and communication studies, and related subjects in the Nordic countries, and the goal is to give participants a thorough orientation in the academic publishing process. The main points of the workshop are: 

  • The publishing landscape: What does it look like, and how do you select a journal to submit your work to? 
  • Preparing a manuscript for submission: Why is it essential to be nitty gritty with references, language, formatting, etc., and what can you do to make it less tedious? 
  • Writing a good review: What makes a good review and how do you succeed in writing one? 
  • Receiving reviews of your work: How do you make sense of reviews, and how should you respond to them? 

The workshop includes presentations from Nordicom’s experienced editors and exercises where participants get feedback from other participants as well as Nordicom’s editors. 

Prior to the workshop, all participants will be given exercises to do on their own, which will then be followed up on during the workshop. 


The workshop corresponds to 3 ECTS credits. After completing the workshop, all participants will receive a certificate if they have done the preparatory exercises and participated throughout the workshop. 

Course leaders 

  • Johannes Bjerling, editor, Nordicom 
  • Kristin Clay, manuscript editor, Nordicom 
  • Magnus Fredriksson, editor, Nordicom  

Date and location 

21–22 August in Nordicom’s premises in Gothenburg. We have planned the schedule so it will be possible to travel to Gothenburg in the morning of 21 August from large parts of the Nordic region and be able to return home in the afternoon of 22 August.




Participation is free of charge, and Nordicom provides food during the workshop. Nordicom can assist with recommendations on accommodation, but it is up to each participant to arrange and pay for travel and accommodation.  

Registration is binding, and if a registered participant chooses not to participate, we will charge an administrative fee (SEK 1000) if we cannot fill the place with another participant. 

Questions about the workshop 

If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to contact Magnus Fredriksson: 


You apply by sending an e-mail to In the e-mail you should state the following: 

  • Your name and academic affiliation 
  • The subject of your thesis project (2–3 sentences) 
  • How long you have been enrolled in the doctoral programme 
  • If you have published any articles in scientific journals 
  • If you have reviewed for any scientific journals  

The last day to sign up is 31 May. The number of places is limited to twelve, and if we get more applications than seats, we will strive for a diversified group. All participants will be notified before 11 June. 

About Nordicom 

Nordicom is a centre for Nordic media research at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. We offer a unified Nordic perspective on issues of media, journalism, and mediated communication. Nordicom’s overall aim is to develop and spread science-based knowledge about the function of the media in Sweden and the Nordic region and to contribute to strengthening Nordic media research and cooperation between Nordic media researchers.  

Nordicom publishes new scientific literature in the research field of media, journalism, and mediated communication. Our publications are aimed at the international research community, but they have a clear relevance to the Nordic perspective. Our line of publications includes monographs, edited anthologies, and two peer-reviewed scientific journals, Nordicom Review and Nordic Journal of Media Studies. Our academic publishing is funded with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers and all publications are published Open Access at no cost to editors or authors.