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The 28th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies

The 28th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies themed "Synergies in Intercultural Communication: Languages, Professions and Heritages"

Discourse Theory: ways forward, 2nd edition

The aim of the colloquium is to bring together scholars working with constructivist and post-structuralist discursive approaches, broadly defined.

Media in America, America in Media

Media in America, America in Media

The web : source and archive

This international conference proposes to question the place of sources from the web in the scientific field and to situate web archiving practices in plural scientific approaches and questions.

Symposium The Media & Sexual and Gender-Based violence

This symposium aims to question the role of the media in the production of information about gender-based and sexual violence.

Journalism Elsewhere Symposium

Journalism Elsewhere Symposium will take place in Research Centre Comet, Tampere University, Finland on Monday 17th April 2023.

Children, media and communication: new histories of experience

Workshop 24–25 April 2023, Tampere University, Finland

Living with Climate Change Conference

Welcome to the University of Bergen, 8 – 9 May 2023! The preliminary conference programme is available here. The cross-disciplinary research...

FSMK-dagarna 2023

Årets FSMK-/MKV-dagar äger rum på Södertörns högskola, Stockholm, den 9-10 maj (från lunch till lunch).

The Seventh European Multidisciplinary Conference on Global Internet Governance Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies

"The Governance of Cybersecurity: Resilience, Human Rights and Democracy"


The World Media Economics and Management Conference (World Media Economics Conference until 2006) is the biennial meeting of the global community of media business scholars

Investigating Medical Drama TV series: approaches and perspectives

Media Mutations is an international conference on contemporary audiovisual media hosted by the Department of the Arts at the University of Bologna.

At the crossroads of modernity: Newspapers as miscellany from the 1880s

This symposium encourages contributions to this exploration of newspapers across a long twentieth century as a meeting point and melting pot of inter-media influences, extending the potential of newspapers as a conduit to new approaches to the study of popular culture and history.

ReNEW's 6th annual Nordic Challenges conference

Nordic Challenges and Identities: Pasts, Presents, Futures

73rd Annual ICA Conference

The conference theme, Reclaiming Authenticity in Communication.

Media Mutations 14 International Conference

Media Mutations is an international conference on contemporary audiovisual media hosted by the Department of the Arts at the University of Bologna.

Exploring the Archived Web During a Highly Transformative Age

The recent transnational political and health crises are a stark reminder of the need to pay particular attention to the recurrent information that is diffused on the web and social media platforms.

The 17th Conference on Communication and Environment

Many Voices, One planet: Accounting for the past and narrating sustainable futures

Fourth International Conference on Translanguaging

Dalarna University welcomes you to TIM2023! This international conference will highlight perspectives on translanguaging in both policy and practice across different arenas, with a special focus on (im)mobility.


This symposium, linked to an ongoing transnational research project (PANCOPOP), is designed to bring together scholars interested in the dynamics of health crisis communication and pandemic politics, with a particular focus on the impact of populist leaders and attitudes on the nature, dynamics and effectiveness of public communication processes.