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The 17th Conference on Communication and Environment

Many Voices, One planet: Accounting for the past and narrating sustainable futures

International Symposium ‘Hate speech at the crossroads of aggression, anxiety, and resonance: from linguistics to politics and beyond’

The symposium will be held in hybrid format (online and in-person) and hosted by Zoom Meetings (to be confirmed).

The 5th Interactive Film and Media Virtual Conference

No fee is charged for presentation and attendance at this conference or publication in the journal. 

Fourth International Conference on Translanguaging

Dalarna University welcomes you to TIM2023! This international conference will highlight perspectives on translanguaging in both policy and practice across different arenas, with a special focus on (im)mobility.

PANCOPOP Symposium 2023

This symposium, linked to an ongoing transnational research project (PANCOPOP), is designed to bring together scholars interested in the dynamics of health crisis communication and pandemic politics, with a particular focus on the impact of populist leaders and attitudes on the nature, dynamics and effectiveness of public communication processes.

The NECS 2023 Conference

The NECS 2023 Conference (13-17/06) and Graduate Workshop (14/06) will be held at the University of Oslo, Blindern Campus in June.

2023 EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

The 2023 EUA-CDE Annual Meeting will focus on the different dimensions of communication in doctoral education and developing comprehensive approaches to including communication in doctoral education strategy and practices.

EURAM 2023 | Management History, Theory, and Philosophy

The 'Management History, Theory, and Philosophy' addresses historical and philosophical foundations and
challenges of management and organization theory and practice.

20th anniversary conference 'Media Futures'

The 20th anniversary conference, aim to address both the critiques of the present and to consider and imagine alternative pathways.

Locating Media Industries: Cities, Spaces, Places

Proposals are invited from across the full breadth of media industries research.

Overcoming divisions: DW Global Media Forum 2023

How can journalism help us in overcoming societal divisions?

The 32nd International Screen Studies Conference

The 32nd International Screen Studies Conference, organised by the journal Screen, will be held in Glasgow from Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July 2023.

IAMHIST Conference 2023

IAMHIST is the International Association for Media and History, an organization of scholars, filmmakers, broadcasters and archivists dedicated to historical enquiry into film, radio, TV and other media.

Images at Work: Labour and the Moving Image

This in-person international research conference brings together film studies scholars to examine representations of labour on screen


Online Symposium by the Journalism Safety Research Network (JSRN) hosted at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM)

Content Moderation and Its Discontents

This interdisciplinary conference invites papers that deal with the
complexity of content moderation and associated topics from different

Immigration - Refugee - Exile and the Mass Media 

The Local Radio Station Pissouri Chariandry Radio and the Community Council of Pissouri in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology, are co-organizing the International Conference "Immigration - Refugee - Exile and the Mass Media", aiming to encourage research on these issues.


Theme: Popular Music in Crisis

TEBEC: International Conference 2023

Given the continued global health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic,
TEBEC 2022 will be held as a hybrid conference

29th International Conference of Europeanists

CES is thrilled to announce the location of the 29th International Conference of Europeanists in Reykjavik, Iceland. The event will be hosted by the University of Iceland.