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International Conference on Media Industries

Hosted by the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London

FSMK Conference Transforming Media and Communication Ecologies

This FSMK24 conference is a shared space for us to dialogue and reflect on our everyday research and education practices, with special focus on transforming media and communication education, research and industry ecologies.

 The 24th Annual Conference of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACM)

Sustainability and resilience in communication and the media.

29. International scientific conference SOCIETY AND TECHNOLOGY 2024

The goal of the symposium is to analyze, discuss and present the current development of the creative industry sector.

The 2nd International Baltic NeuroCine Conference

The aim of the NeuroCine conference is to enhance joint interdisciplinary research endeavours on cinematic storytelling, film viewing, and related first-person experiences. 

Nordic Media Days

Nordic Media Days, formerly known as The Nordic Media Festival, is the most prominent media festival in the Nordic region....

Media Frictions International Symposium

This symposium provides a timely opportunity to understand both the creative force, and negative consequences, of frictions within media, culture and society.

SMiD 2024 “Media (and) sustainability: Crises, paradoxes and potentials”

SMiD’s 2024 biennial meeting.

Big Tech as an Actor of Global Security and Geopolitical Conflicts

From the war in Ukraine to geopolitical rivalries between China and the USA, and terrorism-related threats, the digital giants colloquially known as “Big Tech” corporations are increasingly involved in issues of national and international security.

Big Tech as an Actor of Global Security and Geopolitical Conflicts

This conference aims to foster a reflection on the roles of large digital companies in matters of international security.

SMiD’s 2024 Biennial Meeting: Call for Contributions

At SMiD’s 2024 biennial meeting, we wish to address questions regarding the relationship of media and communication and sustainability in times of crises. We welcome a diverse range of submissions in the broader field of media and communication studies, from traditional papers to alternative and innovative formats such as roundtables, discussion papers, interviews, posters, workshops, and working group meetings.

RIPE@2024 conference

The 12th biennial conference is produced as a collaborarion between three of Portugal’s most influential schools for media research and education, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Nova University, Porto University, and Santiago of Compustela University in partnership with the Opinion Council of RTP, the national public service provider.

International Interdisciplinary Philosophical Conference

The conference aims to conduct transdisciplinary philosophical research and discover the new overlapping horizons uniting different theoretical approaches to rhythms in perspective of transformed humanity.

16th ACM Web Science Conference 2024

Web Science is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding the complex and multiple impacts of the Web on society and vice versa.

The value of blockchains for the media industries

Tallinn University’s Baltic Film, Media and Arts School will organise a symposium to investigate both the existing visions for and the real-world endeavours and practices of using blockchains in the media and cultural industries.

The value of blockchains for the media industries

What value is being pursued/sought, who is creating value, who is extracting it and who is governing the exchange of that created value?

Integrating the Semantics of Data, Ontologies, Moral and cultural values and their Societal impact (WISDOMS)

The workshop is co-located with the 21st Extended Semantic Web Conference.

The Eighteenth International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies (IALJS-18)

The annual meeting of IALJS is an international conference devoted to the scholarly study, teaching, and practice of literary journalism.

Twenty-Second Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (USA)

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) invites proposals for participation in its twenty-second annual hybrid meeting. Proposals on all topics relevant to cultural studies will be considered, with priority given to those that engage this year's theme of “Expansions.”

Horror Studies Now: A Two-Day Conference 

Horror Studies Now: A Two-Day Conference