17th Domitor International Conference 2022

This conference takes up the question of rights in this diverse landscape of ownership, copying, piracy, and privacy in early cinema.

Send proposals to domitor2022@gmail.com no later than October 22, 2021. Questions about the submission process should also be sent to that address.

Possible topics include:

• early legal cases
• differing national definitions and precedents for legal rights to copy film or elements contained therein
• attempts at international coordination of copyright practices
• rights expressed in ways other than through copyright or droits d’auteur
• copyright as preservation source today (paper prints at the Library of Congress and the legal deposit of scripts at the National Library of France)
• questions of rights in relation to early “orphaned” and/or non-theatrical films
• sales versus licensing
• trademarks and logos
• early censorship regimes
• cartels and trusts
• piracy and copying
• authors’ rights
• performers’ rights
• implications of copyright practices in relation to social/political rights
• copyright in the context of scholarship and teaching on early films
• impacts of digital media and the internet on copyright issues for early films