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SMiD’s 2024 Biennial Meeting: Call for Contributions

At SMiD’s 2024 biennial meeting, we wish to address questions regarding the relationship of media and communication and sustainability in times of crises. We welcome a diverse range of submissions in the broader field of media and communication studies, from traditional papers to alternative and innovative formats such as roundtables, discussion papers, interviews, posters, workshops, and working group meetings.

SMiD 2024 “Media (and) sustainability: Crises, paradoxes and potentials”

SMiD’s 2024 biennial meeting.

The Aesthetics of Bio-Machines and the Question of Life

This conference aims to bring together a wide range of scholars, researchers and artists who explore life-simulating technologies from an aesthetic perspective.

Translating Critical Data and Algorithm Studies into Impact

How can scholars within critical data and algorithm studies influence people and organizations to think about datafication in a different...